by Claire Galloway Gallagher

    Truth: we live in a world that doesn’t honor the energetic calendar.

    Sometimes we have to give up a little flow to be a functioning adult in society.  Some of us have more flexibility and can schedule our lives around the cosmic inhale and exhale.  But most of us are juggling cultural reality:  bosses, clients, children and making that money.

    But working in a solar-based society doesn’t mean you can’t add a little more cosmic-consciousness to your day.

    If you crave a way to schedule your life that’s more aligned, but astrology makes your eyes go crossed, then organizing your life using the traditional Planetary Days will be your new favorite tool.

    It’s a simple but profound framework that will make the mundane sing with deeper meaning.

    The point is, it’s finally time to slay (in a cosmically-aligned manner, of course).

    Tools of the conscious slay

    The seven days of the week have long been associated with the seven traditional planets, or the gods and goddesses that the ancients correlated with these planets.

    It’s probable that this is where the concept of week came from in the first place. Seven planets. Seven days. A good way to track time.

    What’s fascinating is that the remnants of this practice are preserved across many cultures and languages in the names of the days themselves.

    Just a few English examples…




    From an astrological perspective, planets emit rays of influence or forces upon the collective consciousness.

    They are transmitters, we are receivers. If a particular planet rules a particular day, then the vibes and activities of that day will be colored and heavily influenced by the ruling planet’s unique flavor and personality.

    Aligning yourself with the cosmic tone of the day can set you up for a more fluid life experience. It’s analogous to relaxing with the current, rather than swimming upstream and exhausting yourself.

    And from a practical perspective, if you set your week up like this, no life area goes neglected.

    Astrology is a language of symbols.

    If you know the basic force emitted by each planet, then you have all the information you need to live a cosmically-aligned life. Sprinkle on a little creativity, do a little critical thinking and you can apply this wisdom to every modern activity under the Sun.

    Bottom line: scheduling your life via Planetary Days is just the practice of using the day’s dominant planetary force as a guiding theme.

    And you do not, repeat, do NOT, need know anything about astrology or be a seasoned Moon watcher to do this practice.

    All you need to do is think symbolically, and I 100% know you can do that. The simplicity of this system is truly attractive, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in power!

    Planetary Practicals

    Listed below are the seven days, the seven ruling planets, the driving theme of the day and how you can work with it practically.


    Ruler:  The Moon

    Force:  Sensitizing

    Daily Theme:  Nourishment

    Application:  Monday is our culture’s favorite day to complain about.  I’d say that’s because it’s better spent resting!  The Moon is our heavenly mother.  And Mondays are for mothering yourself and nurturing the divine feminine.  A hot bath, a nap and an entire day spent in pajamas is much more resonant. Most of us don’t have that luxury, but even simple schedule changes will help.  For example, prioritize a Monday evening yin yoga class, make Monday evenings home-cooked meal night, or schedule your counseling appointment for your Monday lunch hour.


    Ruler:  Mars

    Force:  Quickening

    Daily Theme:  Action

    Application:  Also known as Get-Shit-Done Day!  When you start opening yourself up to the planetary forces, you might notice a little more va-voom and motivation on Mars’ day.  Take advantage of the increased energy by scheduling high intensity workouts and any work meetings that require bravery and good-natured competition.  Keep in mind that aggression can run a little higher when Mars is in control, so beware of conflict and rash responses.  On a physical level, Tuesdays are for building the blood (hello, iron), increasing your energy reserves (hello, adrenals) and accessing your athletic prowess (yes, you have some!).


    Ruler:  Mercury

    Force:  Connecting

    Daily Theme:  Creating

    Application:  Wednesdays are perfect for any kind of intellectual pursuit!  Get your mad-scientist-witch on.  Study, learn, teach, create, write, make, make, make!  Mercury is known for its quick energy.  When we apply this idea to the body, it’s easy to see how the nervous system may need some extra attention on these days.  Be sure to schedule activities that keep you mentally alert, but safely grounded and embodied.  In the gym, you can take advantage of this quick energy by working on sprints, speed drills and agility exercises.


    Ruler:  Jupiter

    Force:  Expanding

    Daily Theme:  Abundance

    Application:  Thursdays are great for cultivating the feeling of abundance.  This means paying attention to and giving thanks for the resources you currently have!  This is also the day to practice giving and receiving generosity.  From a body perspective, working with the force of expansion could be something as practical as scheduling your heaviest weightlifting sessions on this day to promote increased strength and muscular growth.


    Ruler: Venus

    Force:  Softening

    Daily Theme:  Beauty

    Application:  We all love Friday, right?  Of course, we do!  It’s Venus’ day!  And in true Venusian fashion, Fridays are best spent with loved ones, having fun, and treating yourself like royalty.  And a little body vanity wouldn’t hurt either.  This is the most cosmically-resonant day to schedule all your beauty appointments.  Friday also presents an aligned opportunity for cultivating any romantic relationships.  It’s the perfect date night, or day for couple’s therapy.

    Image Source


    Ruler:  Saturn

    Force:  Limiting

    Daily Theme:  Structure

    Application:  This is the Planetary Day of all things adult.  Paying bills, organizing, cleaning and running errands are all things Saturn loves to support.  On a body level, pay attention to your physical structure and body boundaries:  skin, immune system, bones and joints to name a few.  Saturn is also Mr. Chronos (time).  So, if you’re hitting the gym, focus on routines that use a time component as torture, like intervals.


    Ruler:  Sun

    Force:  Enlivening

    Daily Theme:  Self-cultivation

    Application:  In astrology, the Sun represents your essence, life purpose and path.  The Sun wants to support your journey of spiritual cultivation, self-discovery and maturation.  Sundays are great for rituals and spiritual workings, but also for activities that build your self-confidence.  Plan your great mark on the world, your legacy, and do some visioning.  In Medical Astrology, the Sun represents basic vitality, making Sundays a very resonant day for general energy and qi tonics.

    And there you have it! A little more magic for the everyday.

    Next time Mercury Retrograde rolls around, and it’s truly only a matter of time, keep your magical bearings with this Planetary Days practice.

    And by the way—you can get a detailed Planetary Days Scheduler stacked with corresponding workout ideas, nutritional and supplemental considerations, resonant work tasks, self-care practices and spiritual activities here.



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    About the Author:

    Claire Galloway Gallagher teaches lunar-based fitness and offers alternative medicine with an astrological bent at  She’s a licensed acupuncturist, nutritionist, fitness expert and professional medical astrologer.  It’s her life’s work to bring astrological medicine back into the forefront of alternative healthcare.  Claire also offers health and fitness horoscopes on her Instagram.


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