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Recently I talked about how doing magic with other people can help speed High Weirdness into your life. 

Now I want to talk about doing magic on other people.

A goodly amount of folks get their panties in bunches on the topic, seeing anything other than doing the most saintly healing magic on others as some kind of ethical violation.

But a magical action is just the same, ethically speaking, as a mundane action.

So if you’d feel comfortable taking mundane action to defeat an enemy, gain the attention of a potential lover, or win in court….

…. I don’t see any reason not to feel similarly comfortable in taking magical action towards the same aims.

(here’s the entrancing Jarina de Marco nailing her man down)

Of course, the funny thing is that we live in a nondual universe – everyone else, in a kind of ultimate sense, is you – so doing magic on other people doesn’t necessarily turn out exactly how one anticipates…

… but it does always turn out in a way that inevitably teaches you something profound about who you imagine yourself to be and how your unconscious operates – if you’re open to receiving that knowledge.

Some thoughts about doing magic on others:

1. Old-fashioned spell-casting-from-a-distance can work great….

2. But covertly surrounding your target with materia magica – sigils, symbols, herbs, powders – is often even better.

I like to emphasize point #2 because many witches I talk to, heavily influenced by Wicca, etc., seem to want to do candle spells or charm bags for everything and then get disappointed when they don’t see precise results on their target.

But reality is fractal and holographic – and – magic works by making subtle shifts in the environment that impact the over-all unfolding of the fractal.

So if you’re trying to impact a specific target but you’re just working at home at your altar…

… that could go great, especially if you have cultivated a clear channel of communication with specific spirits / deities who are willing to go forth and help you…

… but using materia magica to make specific alterations in the fractal reality immediately surrounding your target can sometimes be a more direct route to the same end.

And of course, covertly surrounding one’s target with materia magica is a tried-and-true method in most forms of folk magic, including HooDoo.

It does involve, however, going out and “getting your hands dirty” – actually entering spaces where you know your love interest / enemy / whatnot will be –and making your mark there.

This is a bit risky and a bit daring, and a whole lot of fun, generally.


image: Jarina de Marco 

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  • Demon Bead

    Do What Thou Wilt
    You could be hung for it in the fifties but that was mere anti Christian sentiment .
    I don’t think it has fully been initiated and things are still
    in a fragile young age.
    The unfolding of the fractal ! Now that’s really quite
    brilliant I would say ‘Unveiling’ but I will be stealing it
    To post on my wall. I guess your sorcery works…
    I shall post it to your credit.
    Love Is The Law
    Sigil !

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