Thanks to everyone who has helped to share BAD WITCHES content! Today we’re returning the favor with a few witchy things we’ve encountered over the past week or so.

    follow your weird

    Vice interviewed Erik Davis, author of Techgnosis: Myth, Magic and Mysticism in the Age of Information. In particular, they discuss his suggestion to “follow your weird” – sounds like an interesting take on following your wyrd.

    post paganry

    What happens to a person when they pass through a pagan belief system? Certainly, their worldview is changed by the experience (and the same applys to a culture that passes through collectively). Glen Gordon writes about his spiritual ideas for the future at Humanistic Paganism.

    pleasurable eating

    In this Insights at the Edge podcast, Jena la Flamme discusses intuitive eating. The idea of focusing on pleasure is simple, but she has some insightful tips, especially about the energetic tipping point.

    The Coven playing cards

    There’s one week left to fund this gorgeous, witchy deck of playing cards by artist Kirk Slater on Kickstarter. Help to make it happen and you could be playing (or reading) with this deck in the spring.


    • is a co-editor of BAD WITCHES. She also offers witch medicine for what ails you (along with more art and other stuff) at Dream Horse. She lives in the wilds of Pittsburgh with her partner and two children who are mainly being raised by wolves.

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