by Katie Craig

    The witches gathered as the sun set in the oldest mountains in the world by the third oldest river in the world. Men, women, and children prepared to raise energy in support of the Standing Rock Sioux and the protection of the water in Lake Oahe.

    Not every witch stirs a cauldron. Not every witch dances under the moon. Not all are Wiccan.

    Not every witch identifies with the word and all its mysterious connotations: “witch.”

    The witches that met at the river are healers, manifesters of powerful intentions, and lightworkers, though in their day jobs you might know them as teachers, shopkeepers, and other mundane careers.

    Mothers, fathers, and wee ones shared their stories about water and their thoughts about an oil pipeline potentially taking water away from those who need it. These witches, these lovers of nature and our planet, gathered in support of a basic human right: water.

    Blood is water. Water is life. Water is precious. It is unacceptable to take water away from a community, a tribe, a village.

    As the full moon shone down upon the French Broad River, the witches grounded themselves and chanted blessings to all the people of the world. They wove their hands together with yarn, weaving their community tighter, closer. They blessed all the waters of the world. They raised energy in song:

    “The river is flowing, flowing and growing, down to the sea.”

    With every repetition of the song, the energy around us grew.

    “Mother, carry me; your child I will always be.”

    We are water. We are one people, and our people and our planet require water.

    The energy and intention was strong: protect the water for all people, and give the Standing Rock Sioux and those that stand with them the strength and courage to remain peaceful and firm.

    The witches stood by the old river and sent those positive intentions and that crackling, vibrant energy into the water. They sent the healing intentions to the nearby train tracks and even to the power lines.

    “Mother, carry me down to the sea.”

    The water sustains us.  The water sustains our land.  It is all interconnected in the amazing web of nature.

    Step into your personal power, witches, and stand up for what you believe. You don’t have to observe Mabon or Samhain to impact the world in which we live. Raise the energy. Send the intentions. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

    Blood is water. Water is life.


    About the Author:

    katiecraigbioKatie Craig is a writer, tarot reader, speaker, and teacher in Asheville, NC. She hogs the mic at karaoke, charges crystals in the moonlight, drinks too much coffee, and believes Converse sneakers are appropriate for most social occasions. Visit Katie’s website to get a free PDF about manifesting with the moon, and join her tribe of wild women.


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