by Tara Pilaprat

    The way of the priestess is the pathway to awakening the intuition. The Priestess is one of the 7 primary archetypes, she is connected to the lunar moon and the deeply feminine.

    She is the Mystic who deals within the realm of intuition, insight, emotions and healing. She represents stillness, silence and a completely centred presence.

    The Priestess may be the least understood and known archetype, especially, in our present society and culture. Little do we all know that the Priestess is easily accessible to each and everyone.

    When you are called and decide to walk the path of the priestess, She will immediately take you under her wing and safely into her temple — where she will show you how to awaken your own sense of inner guidance and wisdom by reconnecting yourself to the source of all truth and knowledge.

    There comes a time in everyone’s life where we seek some sort of connection to a higher power…whether we want to call it Spirit, Source, the Universe, God and Goddess etc.

    This inner seeking is sort of a pilgrimage from within.

    This journey involves us willfully going from a mode of mainly outward living, towards a deeper inner silence and being quiet enough to listen to what comes to you.

    Only through quieting your mind and through vigilant inner stillness can you rediscover your rightful connection to the etheric dark void within you.

    Allow your mind, body, and soul to release control and let yourself be suspended into the silence and sound of the etheric universe.

    Do not worry! You are safe! Remember, you are held by the universe.

    Let yourself be suspended in receptivity.

    Find a way to trust and you will feel the void and the ether.

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    Let yourself relax into the feeling of receiving loving support from the universe as it starts to flow through you, within and without your body and being.

    In whatever form or whatever symbolic language of the messages that you receive from Spirit…you must learn to hear it. Then you must learn to decipher and understand it.

    This is the start of the path that will lead you towards becoming your own mystic and developing your own intuition…which always was and will always be forever yours.

    We are all Priestesses (or Priests)…

    This is true because it is an archetype of the collective consciousness and it can be taught to and learned by anyone.

    Rituals and activities of the priestess can be done by anyone, in time.

    So, I hope to be able to help redefine the word Priestess or Priest to you.

    First and foremost, in order to redefine what it means to be a priestess – you must be willing to shake off any ideas that being one is cool… because you think that becoming and being a priestess is ancient/ exotic/ mystical…

    or whatever you think being one is…

    …because being a Priestess is actually a powerful piece of you and if this archetype is appropriately integrated and practiced, it could change your life, and the future of life on Earth.

    Secondly, while working towards developing your intuition, you first need to learn HOW to develop your own experience and skillset for deciphering and intuiting the language of the Divine.

    Such as dreams, omens, symbols, messages and their meanings.

    Sometimes, you will just grok the message, whether through synchronicity or coming from your own experience…you’ll soon be able to know it when you feel it.

    The Priestess archetype in the collective consciousness OWNS the domain of our intuitive awareness — and this is where we get our insight into secrets, the truth and occult knowledge of the unknown behind the veil.

    Her mode of being is living through her intuition — and through her feelings, she is her own guide into unseen realms.

    The Priestess archetype embodies her transcendent duty fully, for her duties represent the Mysteries and the universal ebb and flow, and encompasses an essence of the divine feminine.

    Her way of being is how she maintains the balance within the flows and currents of the universe and through life.

    As guardian of the Mysteries, you may only enter Her temple of knowledge from a receptive place and from that place of inner peace and stillness can the energies of divine knowing actually begin to flow within you too.

    Inner peace can only be accessed after going deep, within, and out again through experiencing the dark night of the soul.

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    Ever since ancient times, the chalice has been the symbol that represents the Priestess, herself.

    The archetypical nature of the chalice is to be empty in order to hold something else, and be a container.

    As such, when you begin to initiate yourself in the way of the Priestess, you first learn how to empty out, to become like an empty vessel.

    This is not done in any way to remove any sense of who you are, this is done in order to clear away any distractions and illusions so as to open your extra sensory input (clairvoyances).

    Cleansing and simplifying are the main states of being of the mind that is required in order to be empty enough in order to receive messages that will rise to the surface from the other side through the veil.

    Whether to you the container or vessel (whichever you prefer to call it) symbolizes your: body, mind, energy, relationship, home, or life – you are being guided to be more present from this place of mindful awareness going forward.

    Be empty like a chalice, ready to be the container for Spirit.

    The function of the chalice has been secretly used in esoteric mystery teachings as a sacred tool that is used to train the consciousness; in how to convert subtle frequencies into resonant information and understanding.

    If you can imagine your body being a vessel like a chalice, you can see how it can be so…because our human vessel factually does contain water and is made of water.

    Water is the form that represents the consciousness of the Holy Mother – in form.

    Unsurprisingly, water happens to be the primary medium used to directly evoke and resonate with the frequency of the Divine Feminine.

    What we know for sure, is that water holds within it both the power to cleanse and dissolve; it also possesses the power to receive, heal, purify, and release.

    Water is a form of conscious intelligence that is forever held in elemental resonance through its nature, and therefore water is the Goddess, the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine manifested in nature.

    You may consciously embody the Priestess archetype energy in your life and into your human form, through actions, through being-ness and through your daily life.

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    The energy of the chalice will start to allow you to perceive through the simplicity of emptiness.

    Emptying yourself is like stepping into Gnosis. Where a direct knowing and personal knowledge of God becomes distinguished from what was just once speculative knowledge or false deluded fantasy.

    This sense of Gnosis presents the Priestess within with her own discernment and distinction between the highest unknowable Source (i.e. God) and the Demiurges (i.e. lower energies that exist only as low vibrational spirits who just love to masquerade themselves as creators of the material realm, which they are not).

    You will find that this archetype represents the energy that is embodied on Mondays.

    You may find that you naturally embody the Priestess archetype easily while we are touring through the sign of Cancer.



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    About the Author:

    Tara Pilaprat is the Writer, Witch, and Magic Coach over at FXYWLF. She teaches you how to get really close and comfortable with your personal magic. Join her now for a 40 Day Magical Challenge where you will be taking a backstage door into awakening your extremely magical and much more infinite self. 40 DAYS OF MAGIC is open for registration now – Live round starts Oct 1st. You can click here to learn more and register. Connect with her through Facebook and Instagram, or on her site for more details on all of Tara’s workshops and courses.


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