by Veronica Smith

    Transits for June 23rd through July 22nd 2017

    So, how did all of that ‘sharing your truths while staying curious of others’ truths’ go for you last month?

    Did you get to have those validating experiences that strengthened your ‘I can do this!’ passions or were they more of the ‘useful reflections of where we still have some soft spots in regards to honoring our true selves’ type of experiences?

    If you’re honest with yourself, the answer is most likely both.

    We are in some wild times these days and even though we’re all being asked to live out our fullest of soul passions this year, sometimes the best way to experience your full blown self expression is to take a look back and see what other, softer parts of yourself are being trampled and ignored in order for you to get to where you’re going.

    This month we are taking a side step on our journey to our truest, boldest self by honoring the strength and power of our softer Cancerian sides, which just might prove themselves to be the strongest and most powerful in the end, if we but give them a chance to come out of hiding.

    The New Moon in Cancer starts us off into this ‘journey into softness’ with not only the Sun and Moon connecting in the Sign of Cancer but Mars and Mercury joining them too, culminating into a giant group hug as we are all collectively being asked to connect back into the gentler, more sensitive dsides of ourselves.

    This means that our identity, emotional needs, power and communication abilities are all deep down into our collective ‘comfort zones’ this month, hidden away behind our protective shells.

    If we are perfectly content to leave all that sensitivity behind closed doors, this month will push some buttons as your sensitivities grow to be larger than their allotted container.

    But if we have the courage to be vulnerable and look at what sweet soft things we have stashed away in there, then our identity, emotions, power and communication are all aligned to help us connect to our deepest core needs, and and finally be able to meet and comfort those needs in all the ways that you’ve longed for.

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    We only hide things when we think they’re too fragile to be exposed.

    We’re emptying out the old memories this month as we dig into what gentle souls we have hidden away inside of ourselves, pushed aside on our paths to greatness, never realizing that in the end, true greatness includes them too.

    What sensitivities are you hiding away from view?

    Maybe you’re a business woman who hides her softness because she thinks she has to fit into the strong, stoic mold at work, otherwise she’ll be mocked for ‘being a woman.’

    Or maybe you’re a badass healer who could care less about being stoic, but hides the softer feelings of wanting validation for what you do.

    Or maybe you’re a Mars in Cancer native and are finally being asked to empty out that ‘I’ll deal with that emotion later’ tank and finally feel all those backlogged feelings. (Not that I know anyone like that…)

    But even if none of these are your journey, there will be some part of you that you feel pulling on your sleeve this month, gently asking ‘please notice me.’

    Just the thought of that makes me want to cuddle up all the gentle little hidden selves of the world and tell them all, ‘Sweetie, you’re awesome. You can come sit with us.’

    While this whole month is being fertilized in this deeply kind, and emotionally gentle energy, the culmination of our nurturing efforts will be coming into full bloom with the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 8th, and Pluto will be adding its fierceness into the mix that day as well.

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    Capricorn rules our structures, responsibilities and maturity, and Pluto is the energy of ‘burn it down and start from scratch,’ how the ashes of the old are burned away so as to let us rise like the Pheonix up to new heights.

    What that means is that through exploring our deepest needs (think inner child work) and finding the vulnerability and compassion for yourself and others to embrace those sensitivities, we have the opportunity to completely transform our limiting structures and what we collectively think of as ‘mature and responsible.’

    The more you embrace the softness in yourself you are not only giving others permission to do the same, but you are quite literally helping to burn down and transform the rigid collective rules we all squeeze ourselves into that tell us ‘You must be stoic!  You must have your emotions locked away tight!  You won’t be taken seriously if you’re too soft!’

    As well as many other marching orders that have lasted well past their due date.

    Every last one of us is both soft and strong, and the goal this month is to even ourselves back into wholeness by owning both parts.

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    Transformation through softness, a shift in consciousness indeed.

    So embrace your inner softie this month, and watch as your true power, the one that sees the need for both gentleness and strength, starts to come into full bloom.



    Mantra for the month

    “Through owning and nurturing my vulnerable sensitivities I come into my true wholeness and power”



    Best of luck on all the transformations you’re going through!

    We’re all in it fighting the good fight, (which don’t forget is always with ourselves) so be kind to yourself!

    Thank you for all the love and courage you put out into the world and I’ll talk to you again in July!




    About the Author:

    Veronica Smith works with individuals to help them find clarity on their life’s purpose and strengthen their personal power through her astrological and empathic abilities.  She has been a professional astrologer since 2012 working with clients from all over the US and Europe.  She has also been a professional artist since 2008, having shown and sold artwork in many cities around the US as well as Florence, Italy and London, England.  The combination of these two loves formed into Soul Map Mandalas in 2014.


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