Crouched down, you sneak amongst the reeds. The wet marshy-ness creeps into your boots.

    Silently, you and your crew proceed forward, firing three arrows back onto the ship. You continue forward as your ship catches fire and paints the reeds in orange and yellow.

    Though maddeningly frightening, you know this is the way. You had to do it. The boat had to be burned, you must press forward.

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    Fortunately, we no longer live in the age of Viking-esque conquests where we literally have to light our boats on fire to remove any chance of backing out on our mission.

    The adventure we are embarking on, is no less daunting, just filled with different “weapons” to achieve our purpose.

    This solstice that has just passed marks an energetic “point of no return” for Earth.

    We can’t go back. Only forward, into the New Earth.

    Our tools this time are our connection to source, our evolution as connected beings and our desire to be a part of an unparalleled change.

    Historic epochs are not marked on a calendar the day they start. No one knows they started until much, much later. The beauty of hindsight is that we are able to look back and trace a movement, trace a battle back to the beginning.

    I am marking this solstice, now, as a turning point. I’m not waiting for the historians.

    Although, I don’t have all the information and ins and outs and data to show you, I will tell you, this is massive.

    Look around you. Look at the muggle world.

    Geo-politics is shifting. The truth is coming out. Technology and science are beginning to catch up with magic.

    These are a few signs in the world around us to look to, to take note of.

    Consider your personal growth and evolution. If you look back, you’re going to see the leaps and bounds you’ve made in the past handful of years.

    Sweeping change, like you haven’t known in the other decades of your life.

    You might tell yourself it’s because you’ve matured, you’ve gotten deeper in touch with your craft.

    But, why do you think this is happening?

    I know that I answered a call. It’s a call for me to be the most authentic version of myself and to paint my truth on the walls of time.

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    We choose to incarnate to bring about this time, to welcome it, to create the setting and the props and the backdrop for the evolution of humanity.

    This solstice marked the dress rehearsal. There is no going back now. Our ships are burned. We’re moving forward for the betterment of all humans.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if solar flares kicked up for the remainder of the year, if we experienced more extreme weather patterns, if our inherent magical abilities were blown open.

    Don’t let any of these things surprise you. We have to become who we came here to be.

    We picked this time, we picked this mission, and we’ve burned our ships.

    What color are you painting with?


    About the Author:

    Sara Hocking is a keeper of secrets, believer in magick and Spiritual Alchemist. Her work is a catalyst for others to align with their soul’s purpose and to delve into personal transformation.  She strives to help her clients transcend their limitations and co-conspire with the Universe to create awesome lives.  Most recently, she’s been digging into the world of dragons. To connect with Sara, you can find her at her website, Facebook page, or join her Facebook group, The Alchemist’s Lounge.


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