Happy Thor’s Day!

    Sky father gods aren’t completely analogous, of course, but today is a day dedicated to many of them. In particular, several European languages use words like Jeudi, Joven and Giovedi to honor Jove, a.k.a. Jupiter.

    Frankly, until a few weeks ago, I could not have cared less. Jupiter is, IMO, not a very interesting god.

    I guess he’s a decent king (as kings go), but besides being boring he seems to spend most of his free time waiting around for humans to rape, which isn’t a particularly endearing quality to say the least.

    So, I was really getting into this book Financial Sorcery, which has some very interesting points about money magic, until I realize how deeply invested the author is in Jupiter as the key to money magic.

    Jupiter spells. Jupiter sigils. Putting on a suit and toasting to Jupiter, who probably has extremely boring and expensive taste in liquor.

    I was suddenly so deeply disinterested that some sort of internal alarm went off. This isn’t a human being that we’re talking about, after all. What about this mythos was so deeply disturbing to me that I didn’t even want to think about it?

    And then it hit me – Jupiter is a quintessential patriarch. Could that be it?

    I flashed back to a bit of great advice I was given a while ago, that money problems (which I’ll admit to an abundance of) are often magically linked to daddy issues.

    I wrote that off at the time because my dad is cool, but wow, do I ever have some serious issues with the cultural concept of dads.

    So do a whole lot of my friends. While more personal issues aren’t rare, the major implications are cultural. So many of us are angry about male privilege, hierarchy and even the history of father gods, for plenty of awesome reasons.

    Also, so many of us are broke and disenfranchised all the time. Hmm.

    I’m not saying that we’re wrong about any of this stuff. Honestly, I’m still not sure what to think about it. I just get the feeling that we probably ought to think about it – a lot.

    Anyway, I still didn’t feel much like getting involved with Jupiter myself, until someone mentioned astrology.

    Astrologically, Jupiter energy is just the energy of expansion. Expansion can be handled well or horribly, with or without balance, but it’s definitely part of life.

    The possibility that we may – out of fear and a history of awful examples – be resisting expansion really hit me hard. Do you think there could be something to it?

    I do. And so, I made this Jupiter sigil on a Thor’s Day, with the intention of harnessing this thunder and lightning in the most divine and powerful way.

    Feel free to use and share the sigil with your own loving intentions. Let’s see if we can evoke the really magical dad we might all need.


    • is a co-editor of BAD WITCHES. She also offers witch medicine for what ails you (along with more art and other stuff) at Dream Horse. She lives in the wilds of Pittsburgh with her partner and two children who are mainly being raised by wolves.

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    • kizze von spaet

      Oh yes, excellent insight about daddy/money issues. In Vedic astro, Jupiter is called “Guru” and is a pure benefic: your inner teacher, the one looking out for you, the one who wants to give to grace to kick the karmic ass you need to in order to be free.

      • Laura Gyre


    • kizze von spaet

      oops, sorry—”… the one who wants to give you the grace…”

    • Jason Miller

      Hi, I’m the Author of Financial Sorcery and I just want to clarify one point: Jove is NOT the key to Financial Sorcery.

      He simply is an example that people can use for their magic, and is in a way, the patron of the book. I do think Jupiter is awesome, but I can totally understand why people would not – particularly people that have been at the crappy end of the male privilege stick – which is pretty much every woman I know to one degree or another.

      I do a lot of work with Dzambhala, White Mahakala, Kurukulla, and some other Tibetan dieties for most of my wealth magic, but even just sticking with the planets – any planet can be turned to support Financial Sorcery:

      Saturn – Discipine and Spending Boundaries
      Mars – Defeating sloth and self-doubt.
      Sun – Illumination, Inspiration, and GOLD!
      Venus – More important than Jupiter for sales and interpersonal relations. She makes all the difference
      Mercury – Information, Movement. Vastly important in Financial work.
      Moon – Timing, Reflection of other planets etc.

      You have a great Magazine BTW. May you have much success.


      • Carolyn Elliott

        Jason – thanks so much for stopping by to reply, it’s a thrill to hear from you, we love your work! I appreciate the points you raise about the importance of other deities and planets – and I’m really glad you dig the magazine. We’d love to publish some essays or excerpts from you if you’d like to send us anything. Cheers! Carolyn

    • Aidan Wachter

      I’m following Jason over here to say ‘hi’ and welcome, and that I am also digging the magazine!

      I’ve had great success with San Simon for wealth work, after having been turned onto him by an old friend. But what Jason says is true- there’s a ton of deities and approaches that can and will work. I know folks who do all their wealth magic with Ganesha who do just fine. While it can be good to explore the shit that blocks you or is an irritant (like Jupiter, perhaps), it is also fine to just switch to another form that you have more attraction to.

      Luck Under Skill with the mag & all things!


      • Laura Gyre

        Hi Aidan, thanks for visiting. I haven’t heard of San Simon and wealth work, will have to look that up.

        LOL at luck under skill :)

      • Laura Gyre

        Also, I just went to look at your work. Beautiful!

        • Inominandum

          St Simon is great. St Cyprian is also fantastic for Occult related business.

        • Aidan Wachter

          Thank you, Laura!

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