LIFE IS LIKE AN RPG: Enemies Get Tougher When You Level Up

    by PVWitch

    “I’ve been doing all these self-empowerment exercises and trusting my instinct, but now I find all my friends are mad at the new me! Does this mean I have to ditch my friends?”

    “I went ‘off the market’ to try and find happiness in myself and now all these people are hitting on/flirting with/ trying to fuck me!?”

    “I met someone who set off some ‘red flags’ but I was still kinda attracted to them and then they ghosted me when I put my foot down and said No. I feel awful! Did I drive them away?”

    If any of these quotes sounds like your life right now, congratulations! You leveled-up!

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    You’ve been working hard on self-improvement, or spiritually cleansing yourself and getting rid of negative thought patterns, when suddenly it feels like you’re getting mixed signals from the Universe and a flood of self-doubt.

    You may be thinking, “I made a horrible mistake confronting my Shadow!!”

    No, sweetheart, you’re doing everything correctly.

    The Universe is testing your resolve to see if these new lessons have stuck yet.

    How else can you trust your intuition without finding yourself in a situation where you must either listen or ignore?

    When your vibrational levels change, we start attracting more people and events of that frequency.

    The problem is that the energy suckers are also attracted to higher frequencies, almost like a psychic dinner bell.

    How do you know the difference between the two?

    Well, if it feels like you’re suddenly surrounded by hungry lampreys – Warning!

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    People who resonate closer to your changing vibrations are often on a similar spiritual path level.

    They may be slightly off-putting as well, but instead of picking up on negative traits of theirs, you find yourself judging them and finding fault with how much better their life is compared to yours, maybe they found a source of luck that you missed somewhere…

    When we start thinking those mean, petty, cynical things at others farther along than ourselves, that’s another sign that we still have some work left to do.

    The human lampreys, aka Psychic Vampires,  circling our energy fields are looking at us through the same veil of jealousy.

    The difference is, they’re trying to figure out how they can attain that level of resonance without putting effort into gaining it. They think they can steal another person’s happy vibes and leech off of them.

    They get an energy boost, but it is not self-sustaining.

    Many Psychic Vampires don’t even know they’re doing it!

    Clingy people who want your attention but don’t know how to give back in equal measure.

    An over-concerned parent who “just wants what is best for you”, but it’s more like what’s best for them.

    People you just met who seem a little over-enthusiastic to make your acquaintance. They’re much happier when they leave your space, yet you feel exhausted!

    If only real vampires would do us the courtesy of adhering to mythological stereotypes regarding fashion and aversion to garlic. But there are some tell-tale signs.

    Beware of people who put on a glamour of being sophisticated and spiritual, yet they try to coerce you into bed or past boundaries you’re not comfortable crossing.

    If you hear that little gut-voice issue a warning, TAKE IT AND RUN.

    Don’t feel bad for ‘hurting their feelings’, that’s part of the glamour coming off.

    Here’s the good news!

    Once you pass the discernment test, it gets easier to tell when people are being genuine vs not.

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    You’ve asserted to the Universe that your personal sense of value has risen out of Discount Sale price range.

    When you know your true value, you won’t settle for anything less.

    People are always looking for a cheap deal, but when it comes to relationships go for quality. Especially with yourself.


    About the Author:

    PVWitch, aka Tallah, is a Pop Culture Heathen Witch living in the Pioneer Valley of Western Mass. She enjoys reading too deeply into cartoons and movies, witchcraft, existential quandary, and Tumblr, which satisfies all three. Follow her adventures in personal and professional development at, request a reading on Facebook, or write to her at


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