money & shamanic initiation

    Hello witches,
    I want to heartily thank everyone who’s been writing to express excitement / ask questions about the MONEY course…
    … and today I want to also share a missive from my dear friend and former business coach Dave Burns, with whom I’ll be collaborating to offer the course later this month.
    Without further ado, here’s what Dave has to say:
    Ayahuasca is great.
    But there’s a challenge that all westerners face when we go down to the jungle to imbibe the sacred medicine in a traditional setting:
    The traditions of drinking ayahuasca—of drinking it, singing with it, and learning from the spirit that lives within it—were developed in wildly different cultures than our own.
    And growing up in our culture doesn’t simply leave us with the accidental trappings of clothes and slang and access to the sublime brilliance of Nicki Minaj.
    It also leaves us with deeply, deeply ingrained patterns and psychic structures in the underlying architecture of our subconscious.
    Now working with any tradition of sublime magical practice (like traditional Peruvian ayahuasca ceremonies) can be quite useful…
    But the magical traditions from different cultures are specific keys, designed to fit into the specific and intricate locks of that culture’s unique subconscious.
    We can learn an enormous amount from Tibetan Buddhist traditions of magic… but if we weren’t steeped in Tibetan language and ideals from birth, there will always be a certain potency lacking in its direct effect upon our souls.
    (This is one of the reasons why Existential Kink, the magical principle Carolyn teaches about, works so well for westerners… it’s designed specifically for the western subconscious.)
    If we want rapid and long-lasting magical results, we are subtly handicapping ourselves every time we attempt to achieve them by immersing in the traditions of a culture not our own…
    And the more different the culture, the larger the handicap.
    Conversely, the greater natural resonance a magical practice has with the culture that shaped us…
    The more profound and rapid the effects.
    So… where exactly can we find an ayahuasca for our modernized western souls?
    Where might there be a potent medicinal spirit to fit perfectly into our unique subconscious locks?
    There very much is one…
    And it’s hiding in almost embarrassingly plain sight.
    We call it “Money.”
    (Joel Grey and Liza Minelli singing “Money Makes the World Go Round” in Cabaret)
    Shamanic initiation in the Amazon is an incredibly grueling and often dangerous process.
    In certain traditions initiates spend months at a time deep in the jungle on restrictive diets, ingesting huge quantities of ayahuasca—oscillating between near-death experiences purging on the muddy jungle floor and indescribably divine visions of celestial realms.
    At the heart of these experiences, the initiates develop a deeply intimate relationship with the personal spirit of ayahuasca—relating to her as an incredibly wise and powerful entity, somewhere between a teacher and a lover and a goddess.
    I remember first learning about these kinds of initiations, and immediately understanding for the first time what until then had been a confusing, occasionally spectacular, and quasi-traumatic aspect of my own journey:
    The absolutely wild and bizarre rollercoaster of experiences of money, that had both graced and plagued my life like nothing else for years.
    The seemingly random income oscillations, the synchronistic windfalls, the weeks at a time with a negative bank balance… the experiences of ecstatic grace and nauseating terror, and everything in between…
    I’d always known that these things were probably teaching me something, and transforming me in some important way.
    But I had never before realized that Money herself was a legitimate spirit at the heart of it all—a brilliant, loving, and perhaps sometimes sadistic being giving me exactly the alchemical experiences I needed to understand and practice real magic. Nor did I recognize the initiatory aspect of these experiences.
    Not everyone has this sort of experience with money… nor do you need to in order to benefit enormously from working with money as a magical entity and teacher.
    (Just as plenty of people in the Amazon take ayahuasca as medicine, without themselves becoming medicine carriers.)
    But for those of you who have been dragged through the financial ringer, experiencing the entire range of both terrifying and beautiful banking synchronicities…
    It’s not that you’re “bad with money.” You’re not missing some great practical secret to financial understanding and management.
    And it’s certainly not that you haven’t sufficiently mastered law of attraction principles to “manifest abundance consistently” in your life.
    You are simply being called into initiation by the spirit of Money.
    And if you answer that call, fully and consciously…
    Developing fluency in Money’s language, learning her true wishes and intentions for the alchemical evolution of your soul…
    The magic that she will reward you with has a richness, immediacy and power that’s difficult for a westerner to access through any comparable path.
    This path is one that happens to mesh exquisitely well with the Existential Kink that Ms. Elliott teaches—one of the many reasons we’ve chosen to teach the MONEY course together. And the reason is that both paths are uniquely suited to the conditioning underlying our capitalistically conditioned subconscious minds.
    Think about it… growing up in a society like ours, hammered with messages of financial scarcity from all angles…
    Molded by consumerism (whether traditional, or subtly masked in layers of new-age makeup)…
    Inundated with advertising… poisoned from childhood by fundamentally financially-centered conditioning…
    What medicine could possibly be more potent for our magical growth than the medicine of Money, related to consciously and deliberately?
    Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some of the first concrete principles you can begin using to engage with money in this way (and some of the specific events that led me down this bizarre path).
    Whether you’ve already been called to the initiatory path of money medicine through the turbulent and synchronistic financial ups and downs that characterize that calling, or you simply wish to acquire some of the financial superpowers that money’s spirit grants to those who revere her skillfully…
    This path is very real, and rewarding in ways that are still difficult for me to believe.
    Until next time,
    Whew, wild stuff to consider, no?
    love and villainy,
    Carolyn Elliott
    founder of WITCH
    P.S. MONEY: the one-of-a-kind course on truly effective financial sorcery, will be open for registration from Wednesday, November 13th – Wednesday, November 20th at midnight Eastern time.
    The cost of the course will be 5 payments of $199, and the class will run from December through March, with live community webinar calls and 7 in-depth PDF and audio Lessons. (Plus a bonus lesson on Spreadsheet Sorcery!)
    Registration is limited to 555 participants this round, and over 66,000 people are receiving this offer via the WITCH list – so if you’re interested in registering for the course, it’s a good idea to do so as soon as registration opens on Wednesday, November 13th in order to reserve your spot.
    P.P.S. In addition to “Money Makes the World Go Round” from Cabaret, I also love “Whales” by Hail Mary Mallon for a funny song about money that’ll stick in your head for days.


    • Dr. Carolyn Elliott is the founder of WITCH magazine & is known for her uncanny and uncomfortable ability to trick really smart, high-achieving magical people into doing the things that they actually want to do. She’s the teacher of life-altering online courses, including INFLUENCE, FORCE OF NATURE, MONEY, and EARTH. Carolyn is the author of the cult-favorite creativity book, Awaken Your GeniusAwaken Your Genius: A Seven-Step Guide to Uncovering Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams... ... and the upcoming Existential Kink: A handbook of life-altering magic. She runs a multi-6-figure online business specializing in helping people achieve dramatic positive change in their lives through shadow integration practices and applied occult philosophy.


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