by Renée Damoiselle

    I grew up in a religion (and maybe you did too!) where I was told that I could not access the divine directly.

    I was told that I had to go through a specially trained, ordained individual as a go-between, a middle man (emphasis on man). He was called a Priest.

    We were to address him as “Father”. And only he had the key to God’s door.

    Even as a child I knew that to be false. I did have direct experience of deity. Yet, my religion was trying to tell me that I was somehow not good enough for that to be true.

    As I grew and discovered alternative spiritualities, I finally understood that this was just one religion’s opinion on the matter.

    And one that, overall, seemed much more motivated by politics and power than by actual enlightenment or spiritual awakening.

    So, I began practicing my own way and seeking out spiritual leaders and teachers with whom I resonated.

    As I navigated my internal awareness of the divine, I discovered where it truly resides; not in the sky, in some heavenly realm unreachable before death, but within myself.

    If you are reading this, I’m betting you’ve discovered it too.

    And your direct access to that divine power most likely has you realizing its power in this world.

    That makes you a priestess or a priest in your own right.

    Here’s what happens when you really make that connection.

    It’s like turning on a beacon that certain others can see and are drawn to.

    You may have taken this path for your own personal enlightenment and that’s great!

    And your own experience of it brings joy and bliss and can be energizing and absolutely wonderful!

    But there’s a by-product of having accomplished that goal.

    You’ve cultivated an energy, a light that many others are still seeking. And those seekers find you.

    Once you’ve realized your priest/priestesshood, you will notice more people coming to you for advice, or simply spilling their guts about their lives at your feet.

    There are those who just unconsciously want to be around you, share your space, soak up some of that wonderful divine light.

    But here’s the thing. It can be draining.

    And if you’re a natural empath to boot, with a benevolent heart and the willingness to help others, it can be downright exhausting.

    You must cultivate, along with that beautiful inner light, a system of self-care that helps you to recharge and refresh your spiritual batteries!

    The divine is within you and sharing it with others is the whole point of existence in this 3D reality, as far as I’m concerned.

    BUT, you are also entrusted with the protection and care of that light.

    One of the ways I share my light is by holding rituals throughout the year, which commemorate Moon phases or Seasonal Sabbats.

    And my system for the protection and care of that inner divine is also ritualized.

    I need to set aside time for, and fully commit myself to, the practices that support my own well-being and my own energy stores.

    I know certain things about myself. I need alone-time (more than most). I need my own “solitary practitioner” types of celebrations for the natural cycles of the universe.

    And I need to rest and play and do creative things that I love, just for fun!

    All of these practices feed my soul.

    And when my soul is well fed, THEN, I can give to others with joy. I want to give from my abundance, not from my reserves.

    I set aside time for these things. I make appointments with myself to practice my understanding of self-care (soul-care).

    And, let’s be real, I’ve neglected that from time to time. Our lives get busy.

    We think we don’t have enough time. And the first thing that gets sacrificed is self-care.

    And it’s crazy because I know that when we make appointments with others, we don’t break them without a good reason!

    So, there are times, even if you do have a good self-care routine, when your spiritual battery, and probably all your other batteries are drained.


    What do you do then? My answer, at those times, has always been Spiritual Retreat. I know that I need a mega-dose of my self-care.

    Whenever my inner light feels a little dim, I will seek the help of others and also set aside a larger than usual chunk of time (a weekend, for example) to immerse myself in rest, meditation, fun and restorative spiritual practice where I’m the student or the participant, instead of the facilitator or leader.

    It’s a wonderful way to get back to the true you!

    You’ll feel great and everyone around you will benefit from your willingness to go inside, once again and find and brighten that light that makes you so awesome.

    For many years, I would design my own little get away over a long weekend.

    I had a checklist of activities that fill me up. I would stay in a beautiful location, with time to meditate, hike, create and have some wonderful, healthy meals (with some indulgent extras because the goddess within wants what she wants!).

    At times when I could, I’d include classes, rituals or other experiences that would bring me some wisdom or nurturing from another practitioner whose work and energy I admired and respected.

    I always return from these trips bursting with energy and ideas for sharing what I’ve learned with others.

    Do you see how that ripple effect works?

    Even though we know it’s difficult to keep every promise of daily meditation, or regular self-care, there should be some times when we make commitments to ourselves that absolutely non-negotiable.

    Make a plan. Save the money. Schedule the time for yourself. And stick to it.

    If any of this resonates with you, and you know that recharging is something you need too, from time to time, check out the next Goddess Divine Retreat.

    I’ve poured all of my own experience and wishes into this program and developed a truly transformational weekend in Sedona, AZ, one of the Earth’s most beautiful places.

    It’s happening in spring of 2020. I know that seems like a long way off, but this gives you plenty of time to plan and save for the trip.

    And I’m offering some great, easy payment plans so you can do just that! I’m accepting applications now, as there is limited space and the venue is so amazing that it books up to a year in advance.



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    About the Author:

    WarpWeftBioRenée Damoiselle is a Worldly Wise Crone Witch with personal ties to warrior deities. Her “raised eyebrow” style of Truth-Telling enables her clients to face the realities of their challenges and triumphs with confidence and humor (each when necessary). Renée is the Author of the forthcoming book from Red Wheel Weiser publishers entitled, Storytelling Alchemy – Write Your Own Happy Ending.  She offers divination and coaching combining Cartomancy, Reiki, Skrying, Mediumship and a healthy dose of good old common sense. She also offers many workshops and talks and facilitates spiritual retreats. Friend her on Facebook.
    Check out this site for all the details on Renee’s Retreats!
    For more about Renée, read her blog.


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