by Anna Griffith


    I was recently having an interesting meditation after an intense yoga workout, where I really connected with the Gods and Goddesses (hereafter referred to as “the Gods”).

    We had a pretty intense conversation about how my journey has led me towards and away from them.

    Whether you think of them as archetypal beings or autonomous divine beings, I thought the message should be shared.

    No matter where you are on your path, what deities or spirits you work with, I hope this helps you to understand Their motives a little better.

    The Gods are like parents:

    They provide what we need for your highest good, not what we think we want.

    Like any good parent, the Gods simply want what’s best for us.

    Since we’re essentially stumbling through life like drunken toddlers, they provide us with challenges and are there to kiss our bruises when we injure ourselves, whispering in our ears to rise and try again.

    The thing we often forget is that they only provide lessons and challenges that we can survive. It’s up to us to decide if we will sink or swim.

    The Gods always want what’s best for us.

    A great example of this is when you’re miserable in your life and you decide the solution is more money. Sure, money makes everything better, right?

    GodParentsyimage source


    The Gods, however, see the painful source of your misery.

    So when you ask for more money, they hear your soul crying for more joy and happiness.

    Like any good parent, rather than giving you the money, which will keep you happy for a short period before you come back crying for more, they force you to assess your life.

    Maybe you’re miserable because your partner doesn’t respect you or maybe you gave up doing what you love for a steady paycheck.

    Turns out, when we let go of the shit that makes us miserable rather than trying to fix it by increasing your cash flow, we find ourselves happier.

    Usually, this is when the Gods give us what we asked for.

    In this case (if this was you) you’ll find things align and provide the money you asked for. Only now, that money is a reward for the hard work you just pushed through.

    They’re brutally honest.

    You may have never noticed this, but the Gods are painfully, brutally honest and we are painfully good at selective hearing.

    I blame the ego. Damn ego, always trying to save itself. I don’t know about you, but I frequently have to hear a message repeated multiple times before it finally penetrates my skull.

    “I really want a relationship with Jesse.”

    No you don’t, they’re not the one for you. 

    “Are you sure? Can we change that, ‘cause I really like Jesse.”

    Jesse’s not the one for you. 

    “Well, I’m going to date Jesse anyways, you could be wrong.”

    Yeah, see how that works out...

    “Well, that didn’t end well. Thanks for the heads up!” *sigh*


    Yeah, we’ve all had that conversation before. Word of advice, no matter how you view the Gods (archetypes, spirit beings, etc.) they won’t steer you wrong so listen to them.

    Your ego? Your ego’s a sneaky douche out to protect itself.

    GodParentsimage source

    They call you out on your bullshit and hold you accountable for your actions.

    Have you ever fucked with the fey folk? Yeah, they fuck with you back. Same with the Gods. In fact, pretty much every being from the spirit realm does this.

    You have to be careful with the Gods and spirits. When you make an agreement to give offerings in return for something you’d better follow through.

    The wrath of an angry spirit or God is not something you want to be on the receiving end of.

    I’m definitely guilty of doing this. I made an agreement with a God, didn’t follow through on my end and suffered the consequences.

    I have since emerged wiser, stronger and more respectful. It’s important to remember that even though the Gods want what’s in your best interest, they have no problem punishing you when you pull some bull shit.

    GodParents2image source

    They want to be acknowledged just like everyone else.

    You remember that time your mom cried because you forgot to get her flowers on Mother’s day?

    Ok, so maybe you haven’t experienced that joyous moment in time, but you know what I’m talking about.

    The Gods are fed on prayer and our attention.

    Build relationships with those deities you want to work with. The stronger the relationship the more they’re likely to do something for you because they are invested in you!

    Relationships go both ways, but remember that this is not a transaction.

    Giving prayers with the expectation of a boon in return is a hollow offering. It poisons the relationship just like being too needy in a romantic relationship kills the love.

    Give love for the sake of giving love. Honor the Gods and the spirits because they deserve to be honored. There can be no nobler an act.

    GodParentsximage source

    So the next time you interact with the Gods, remember these facts.

    It doesn’t matter how you choose to work with them in your magickal life. These beings are beings worth knowing. They’re worth loving.

    Written in honor of the Gods and the spirits, may they ever be adored.



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    About the Author:

    GodParentsBioAnna Griffith is a wife, lover, witch and Valkyrie. She’s a professional psychic, medium, licensed massage therapist and Tera Mai Reiki Master. When she’s not conversing with the Gods, fey and dead she is at home with her beloved husband, dog and cat. A devotee of the Norse Gods, she has committed herself to sharing messages from the spirit realm with the hope that it will help others heal their relationships with the dark and wild things that hide behind the veil.



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    • Jason

      Great article!

      I often find that when I ask for something of the gods, they reply in unexpected ways. As an example when I ask for strength, they reply by giving me situations in which I must be strong, not by giving me power beyond myself. In my experience they give me what I really need, not what I am asking for.

      As a parent myself, this really rings true for me. This is exactly how I help my children, when they ask for something, I try to give them what they need which is often not what they expect. I had never thought of the gods in a parental fashion. Thanks for giving me a new perspective!

    • Jinnie

      I appreciate your perspective, thank you for sharing this article.

    • Critter

      Agreed. The Gods are not a tool or a sugardaddy. If you wouldn’t treat your friends or family a certain way, don’t treat your deities that way. Give them love and attention because they are yours, and you are theirs, and they are part of your spiritual family. The goods will come the same way they do from any relationship. You have to invest in that relationship as well.

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