by Sara Hocking

    You tiptoe silently, bent toward the shadows, muting your breath. The faintest sound could mean your death.

    As you round the bend, you have to move your hand to shield your eyes from the glittering magnificence before you. Finally, you’ve made it into the heart of the cavern and the treasure sits before you, literally.

    You tread forth on whispers to claim your bounty. Now that you know the way, you can return. But today, you’ve told yourself, today you’ll claim some of the gold for your own. You marvel at the sights before you, drinking in the piles of treasure imagining all you’ll be able to buy.

    Then, you hear a low rumble, like the sound of thunder rolling across the sky. Your death is imminent. You’ve woken the guardian of the treasure, the dragon.

    Fortunately, dragons are no longer roaming the Earth (maybe Middle Earth though…) guarding stockpiles of gold or setting castles ablaze. The mythical creatures of lore do exist, though, and they are guarding immeasurable treasures.

    However, these beasts may not be what you’re expecting.

    Rather than as brutish guardians, dragons exist as energetic beings on a different dimensional plane than we are in. Much like people connect to Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lyran and Sirian energies from other galactic star systems, many are also connecting to the dragons.

    The difference is that the dragons are not a race or a people or a species.

    The dragons exist a bit like a club. Cool, right? Who wouldn’t want to be part of the Dragon Club? (Especially if membership also includes a rad temporary tattoo.)

    They are members of an order which has existed since before time began and will continue to exist well after we cease to.

    And – the best part: humans can be dragons.

    Say what?!

    Yes, humans can be dragons.

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    Dragons are guardians of a treasure,

    but like the alchemists of old, the treasure is metaphorical just like the gold was. The treasure is what lies inside of us, as we evolve and transcend what we believe to be possible.

    When we begin the inner work, the dragons take notice. They assist us with accessing the deepest parts of our humanity to create change for the planet. So, you don’t have to dive into your shadow alone.

    If you’ve had a lifelong fascination with these winged beasts, no doubt, they’ve been working with you for a very long time. You might even be a dragon-rider in some other dimensional reality.

    The dragons are also masters of time and space.

    They create and oversee inter-dimensional portals, hence the reason they’ll be here after we cease to exist.

    They can just jump in a Star Gate and they’re off! You can call on the dragons if you’re doing inner work around time, bi-locating, changing timelines or astral travel.

    These time mages will guide you through the process, all you have to do is ask.

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    One of the coolest things about dragons is that they are connected to the principle “As Above, So Below.”

    They’re helping us to integrate the ideas, intentions and desires we have in our 3D reality. You can call on them to assist with manifesting, to help us clear out what is in the way of our manifesting efforts and bring the ethereal to the physical realm.

    If you’re in need of the ultimate spiritual helper, call on the dragons.

    You’ll no doubt access cross-dimensional experiences and maybe even piles of gold. No matter what, you’ll have a battle ally in your quest to embrace your inner witch.


    About the Author:

    Sara Hocking is a keeper of secrets, believer in magick and Spiritual Alchemist. Her work is a catalyst for others to align with their soul’s purpose and to delve into personal transformation.  She strives to help her clients transcend their limitations and co-conspire with the Universe to create awesome lives.  Most recently, she’s been digging into the world of dragons. To connect with Sara, you can find her at her website, Facebook page, or join her Facebook group, The Alchemist’s Lounge.


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