THE TAROTCAST: Do I detect a bit of – dare I say it – *infatuation*?

    Week of August 1, 2016

    Well, what’s this, then? Do I detect a bit of — dare I say it? — infatuation?

    The compelling psychic charge around infatuation is that it provides a welcome diversion and respite from the long, hard process of actually growing up.

    Isn’t denial effective?

    The problem with infatuation is that you see the object of your infatuation as the destination rather than a signpost on your journey.

    In so doing, you strip your journey of its magical properties, instead projecting them outside, and at the same time you deny the object of your infatuation the right to exist whole and separate from you.

    What if you were to entertain the possibility that what consumes your attention and your plans, what makes you feel you can’t live without it — tantalisingly out there as it is, so tangible, and so much more easy to focus on than the real the answer to your search — represents a signpost instead of a destination?

    What would that entail?

    This is particularly important right now, because the final card, the Five of Cups, is the tarot equivalent of Mars in Scorpio.

    For those of you not familiar with astrology – even those of you who aren’t particularly interested but who may still find benefit in the meaning of Mars in Scorpio – here’s a condensed version of why this counts, and counts strongly:

    Mars is currently in the last degree of Scorpio — degree 29 — before moving into Sagittarius once again.

    This fiery planet’s sojourn in Scorpio has created all kinds of disruption, and when it hits the final degree of the sign, as it is now, things can intensify.

    Events can conspire to deliver a thwack! between the eyes from the messages you’ve been trying to ignore.

    Any adherence to old ways of being when the new is calling to you are at risk of receiving a swift kick in the ass.

    You get the sting of Scorpio just when you feel you’re safe, sound, and tucked up in the bed in the last rumblings of the storm.

    It is that damn rogue lightning bolt, to make sure you understand what’s going on and where it is that you are being guided – nay, whupped, even lovingly – by your Soul to get back on track.

    Want to go this way? Want to take the flowery road of forgetfulness into the promised land? *BOOM*

    There’s the wall you cannot pass; there’s your Soul telling you that it ab-soul-utely refuses to see you do the same thing, the same way, again.

    Tough love. Tough, love.

    So what is it that this reading is suggesting you do? What new ground can you cover?

    The short answer: to own and be what you already are, and what you are already fully capable of holding for yourself.

    When you do that, you are able to separate from the apron-strings of this particular parental dynamic that keeps holding you in thrall and pulling your attention from the matter at hand: the matter of you.

    Let’s contextualise this and expand on it so that you can perhaps see an area or areas of your life where it feels both relevant and currently alive.

    Because this is not an old issue, even if it has its roots in the past; it will be very much active and having an influence, even if that influence is behind the scenes and you need to identify it with a deeper call to insight (which may include having what’s going on reflected back to you by a trusted friend or confidant/e).

    Take a look at the Prince of Disks in his now fourth appearance in the Tarotcast in a matter of weeks.

    He’s had quite a journey, the Prince. As have you.

    It has involved putting your ability to bring a vision into fruition to good work — one that serves your Soul, rather than the agenda of any neurosis or ego-based wish for safety.

    When the Prince is aspected by supportive cards, then that furthers his vision — much like last week when you were encouraged to focus your inner planner and activator on a key that had the potential to create a shift into a different state, and one that maybe felt too much to ask for.

    On May 30, he was set upon by fear and the spectre of ruin.

    Today, the first day of August, he is turning his back on Disappointment and focusing on the Queen, who is, in turn, looking at you.

    There is a fine balance of discernment to be had here. Can you, as the Prince, find the awareness of that balance for yourself?

    It may feel like a tension between two states: one of forgetting and one of remembering.

    The forgetting is to regress and see your focus as residing in someone or something else, where they are the answer that you’ve been looking for, the authority figure a part of you lives to serve, and the place towards which you are directing your energy.

    But is that energy being used to fulfil your Soul’s vision?

    Answers may elude you; strangely, answers are not critical right now.

    What is, is asking the question.

    Does this serve my Soul? The enquiry alone is enough.

    The remembering holds the pain that has stymied you again and again, which you will do anything not to feel, and which keeps landing you in this place, before the Queen, believing she and/or what she represents — nourishing, nurturing, motherhood — is your destination and the alleviation of that pain.

    When, in fact, she is the signpost:

    she is the call to become your own Queen first.

    Paradoxically, it is this that makes a Prince a King. Because right here, right now, you are not King. Not yet.

    Those inner plans that you’re hatching could thrive on a little more self-love, a little more life, a little more of a feminine touch.

    By all means reach for it out there, but unless that plan can coalesce into a commitment to give yourself more of that, too, then the dynamic between this Disks dyad keeps the Prince wholly in the Queen’s thrall, and consequently in her power.

    And the Queen, in turn, is psychically bound to exist in terms of what she is to you.

    The Prince never leaves home.

    To feel the lack of safety that comes with stepping away from the comfort and familiarity of home and on to the path of your own journey, you, as the hero/ine, need to face disappointment full on.

    By turning from it, you run into it once more.

    By opening yourself to what has always stood in your way, you find your way.

    When this happens, you are drawn into greater balance within, and you’ll find that this has an impact on how you experience life as you live it with the people, places, and things around you.

    Scorpio in degree 29. Time is of the essence.


    About the Author:

    ScaryTarotBioSarah is a tarot-teaching, tarot-reading, tarot-writing witch with a devoted interest in getting people turned on to the magical, alchemical, utterly transformative possibilities of these potent 78 cards. With a background in psychotherapy and certification as a somatic sex educator, Sarah is not only supremely interested in tarot as an art-form, but also in every client and student who comes through her virtual doors, and how they can forge their unique rhythm with the cards.
    You can find Sarah at her website Integrated Tarot, and on Facebook.

    Astrology Correspondences: Queen of Disks (the watery aspect of earth), Prince of Disks (the airy aspect of earth), Five of Cups (Mars in Scorpio)

    [Cards from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.]



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