6 Signs You’re A Genie Caught In Someone Else’s Lamp

    by Sarah Sadie

    Sure, you’ve thought about it. You even suspect from time to time you might be a genie in a magic lamp…but how do you know for sure?

    You don’t even have to take a Buzzfeed quiz to find the answers to this one.

    Read on to discover if you, too, are secretly a magical genie… stuck in someone else’s lamp.

    1. You find yourself at the beck and call of others, anwering their needs.

    Whether it’s children, coworkers, aging parents or volunteer organizations, you’re almost constantly on the run.

    Answering questions, carpooling, putting in extra hours and squeezing in a couple more tasks after everyone else has called it quits, you catch your breath late at night, maybe while you do a couple of yoga poses in your jammies before tumbling exhausted into bed.

    It’s a sure sign of genie-hood if you find you provide for others more often than for yourself.

    2. You also enjoy this, at least on some level.

    And not just the general warm glow of doing good deeds.

    Admit it, you get an electric little thrill from being The One people depend upon. Because you know they need you and it feels good to be needed.

    That’s juicy, deep down power, and you feel it on a visceral level. You’re central to it all.

    You’re the one with extra tissues, who remembered the meds, the maps, who organized the potluck or finished the new proposal draft.

    You’re on top of it, at least most of the time, and once in a while people even appreciate you.

    You like being needed, you like being competent, you like being in the mix.

    Nothing wrong with any of that. Own it.

    3. You also resent it, sometimes, a little bit.

    Well, yeah, who doesn’t?

    Because while you may provide the grease that keeps the wheels running smoothly, every once in a while wouldn’t it be nice to have a little more time to do your own thing, too?

    Not just the occasional spa day. We’re talking real, significant and sustainable time towards your own goals, visions and dreams.

    If you even can remember what they are. What are they, again? The ones you hold for yourself, and no one else.

    And where is she, that vibrant, sassy-heart Self who laughed from her belly and had big songs she wanted to sing?

    Wouldn’t it feel good to spend some time with her again… if it didn’t feel so selfish?

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    4. There are days you feel fizzy with dreams and ideas – and if you don’t find a way to live those you may explode.

    Because she’s in there after all, isn’t she? She’s in the lamp right alongside and has been all this time.

    And a magic lamp, even the nicest, is not nearly big enough most days for the magnificence that is your whole, full Self.

    Chances are, you may be a genie trapped in a lamp if you feel like your mind is being squeezed.

    And then there’s the panicky sense that occasionally rises up like a wild bird caught in your rib cage.

    And you know if you don’t get to work on this stuff, NOW, you may lose it forever. Even if it’s messy.

    I bet you didn’t know that even genies have panicky moments, did you?

    5. There are days when curling into a fetal position in a small dark space sounds just perfect, thank you very much.

    Genies are nobody’s fool.

    They chose their lamps because there are days they look around at the world and think, yeah…this is mighty comfortable. And safe.

    I think I’ll just stay here for a while, thanks all the same.

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    6. And most of all, you might be a Genie in a Magic Lamp if you believe in the power of wishes and transformation.

    No doubt about it, genies have seen the proof over many lifetimes.

    Wishes, intentions, the power of words to shape and affect our reality.

    In the course of an average day, you ward off the negative nellies, encourage authenticity and honest talk, and help children and adults learn to say please, thank you, no, wait, and other important words.

    You have your own wishes, too.

    And if you recognized yourself in three or more of these six statements, there is no doubt:

    You are a magical genie, trapped in a lamp.

    And you have a responsibility to free yourself into your own shine.



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    About the Author:

    Sarah Sadie is a Qoya dance teacher, writer and the founder/owner of Odonata Creative. She specializes in transformations small and large through gentle small steps, recovering embodied awareness, with a few sugared violets sprinkled in occasionally. Leo sun with Leo rising and a Pisces moon in the mix, she helps women and men achieve creative breakthroughs and bloom. Find her at odonatacreative.com


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