TRUST YOUR GUT, WITCH: Intuition and Self-Sabotage

    by Jaclyn Cherie

    As witches, mystics, and occultists we learn early on that our intuition is our greatest teacher, ally, weapon and guide; the process of trusting that intuition is grueling, full of twists and turns, and oozing with bad decisions.

    You see, we can’t trust our intuition until we have IGNORED our intuition, and that’s the key.

    This is not a gift that is honed, or mastered in a day—not that any gift is but intuition requires a great deal of sacrifice, and pain to understand it; not to mention TRUST IT.

    There will be plenty of moments where you hear that voice in your head, feeling in your gut, and/or “wave” of emotion come over you (generally in your Heart Chakra area), ignore it, and have everything blow up in your face.

    I speak from plenty of first-hand experiences.

    The biggest obstacle for me was that I am a master at self-sabotage; I know, I know, my idols Jung and Freud would have a field day with the psychological root of this.

    Of course, this self-sabotage effected my magick in the beginning; as all mundane things do because everything is intertwined—everything is relative.

    It would manifest in numerous ways but primarily took the forms of negative self-talk, doubt and simply denying my inner voice a platform to speak.

    I denied myself the truth I so desperately craved, and the poetic irony of it is that this truth was inside me all along.

    The Universe is funny that way.

    Self-sabotage is when we deny ourselves an opportunity to be happy, to thrive, to love, to live, even.

    It’s probably one of the most toxic forms of self-harm and it stems from a place of protection, and self-preservation.

    It’s nothing more than a defense mechanism.

    To break the cycle, you must rip open your heart space, and invite the good, the bad and the ugly in; you must be willing to deal with pain, heartache and hitting rock bottom—you must make yourself vulnerable.

    And, you must do this every morning.

    You must wake up each day, turn your heart to the sky and say, “Fuck you, you can’t break me.”

    Every act of destruction is simultaneously an act of rebirth.

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    These moments of destruction, of hitting rock bottom and opportunities for change are where intuition comes into play.

    You see, intuition is like water—it’s fluid in motion, it takes what it wants, it does not ask permission, it just is.

    It is the vision in your mind’s eye right before something is about to happen and *poof* it does; it is the feeling of dread when something bad happened to someone in your tribe; it is the anxiety that has no source when the collective is getting restless; it is the voice inside your head pushing you to go forward because just beyond that place of doubt is a place of strength and reward; it is the phone call you receive out of the blue after thinking about that person.

    It is the force that guides us – it is the only force we should follow.

    Intuition reminds us, demands us to trust ourselves, and to remain true to who we are.

    There comes a point on our path where we elevate above self-sabotage, know when it has reared its ugly head and how to tame it back into submission.

    This point comes when we fully trust our intuition.

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    When we fully trust our intuition, we become unstoppable because no one and nothing has power over the voice inside us; that voice is our destiny revealing itself.

    Never doubt it.



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    If this essay resonates with you, please join our WITCH email list by using the forms on this website so we can stay in touch.


    About the Author:

    Jaclyn Cherie is the Creatrix of The Nephilim Rising. As an Author, Word Alchemist, Traditional Witch and Torchbearer she promotes and encourages Wild Woman Spirituality while also being an educator of the Luciferian Current. Owner of Wearable Magick she also provides affordable adornments, trinkets and tools for the Modern Mystic. Her work and words are laced with brimstone, fire and echoes of truth.


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