Why Do the Planets Hate Me?

    by Ellie Rose Pierpoint

    I have this theory that every challenge precedes a win.

    That every difficulty is really a helper in disguise, a secret nod or wink from the universe to assist us on our journey.

    Usually you can sense it, if you’re paying attention, it’s like a knowing tingle up your spine or a tiny muffled voice in the back of your mind that says: “Listen. This is important”.

    Astrologically, we’ve had a lot of challenges recently.

    Deep, dark transits pregnant with power and introspection, a retrograde season that was so scary it literally began on Halloween, and some seriously emotional lunar phases.

    It’s been so tough, I’ve literally had someone ask me recently “why do the planets hate me?”.

    I definitely think we’re due a win.

    The reason I believe this is not because I’m a seasoned optimist, although I am, and it’s not because I’m a professional astrologer who knows something you don’t.

    Actually, my theory comes from a different source, it’s the notion of karma that’s given me my rose-tinted outlook.

    What goes around comes around…

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    You get what you do

    Karma means “action” in Sanskrit, it’s the law of moral cause and effect, and believe in it or not, you’ve got to admit that there are some situations we seem to find ourselves in, over and over again.

    The abusive partner, the money struggles, the family fall-outs, the “I can’t make a decision to save my life so I’ll just watch some more Netflix instead”.

    These are patterns that, more often than not, predate us, or rather, this version of us.

    We carry our karmic baggage from life to life until we release it.

    Our literal purpose on earth is to free ourselves from this cycle of stuff we don’t like but always seem to end up with.

    But we’re not alone in our quest, like a proverbial puzzle, the universe offers us clues along the way as to what our karma entails, and it’s our job to figure it out.

    Easier said than done.

    When you’re stuck in the middle of a sticky victim mindset or trying to fight your way out of a seemingly unsolvable situation, it’s easier to go the other way and ignore the clues in favour of throwing a pity party for one.

    Instead of surrendering to the lessons of divine and helping ourselves, it’s way more thrilling to pretend we are adrift without a hope or a paddle.

    But we do have such things.

    Astrology is the answer (says the astrologer)

    Astrology is one awesome way to fight the current of karma and win the game of life.

    I can look at your birth chart and tell you which of the “abusive boyfriend, money struggle, family fall-out, indecision” problems you have, or perhaps, goddess forbid, all of them.

    We each have our own lessons to learn in this life, as well as collective ones that require us ALL to level up and get real.

    More than ever, the world needs us to do this work, so no wonder we’ve had so much planetary woe recently. Universe is like “come on guys, seriously?”.

    So, it seems to me that the recent challenges we’ve all been facing might just be a set of annoying and inconvenient yet necessary clues to our own spiritual self-improvement.

    These mass synchronicities are alerting us to the fact that a) we need to sort our sh*t out, and b) if we can sort said sh*t out, we’ll be rewarded. First the challenge, then the win.

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    Sort sh*t. Win life

    Of course, this stuff has been so HARD to figure out.

    The universe might as well be speaking Klingon.

    It’s only been the last week or so that things have started to clear with that lovely Jupiter New Moon and dear old foggy Neptune ending his retrograde.

    It’s like someone lifted a veil over our eyes or fired a leaf blower into the fog. We finally see what we’ve been battling all along.

    The abusive relationships were a cry for boundaries, the money struggles a sign of low self-worth, the family fall-outs were your opportunity to strengthen that heart chakra and the indecision just another way to procrastinate because life and uncertainty and the possibility of f*cking everything up and having to repeat it all again in the next life is damn terrifying.

    Sticking it to the next life

    Whatever your personal struggle has been recently, it should start to make itself known to you now, in a language you can at least begin to learn.

    Astrology is your friend in this department (as am I – hi friend), but also listen to that muffled whisper and pay attention to that tingle.

    These are your signs, your clues to winning the game of life.

    The universe is trying to help you out with all these challenges, but first you have to break up some old habits, and I’m talking lifetimes old.

    Only when we work out the puzzle and what our challenge is teaching us in the moment, do we reap the rewards in the long term.

    Luckily, Capricorn season is on its way and boy does that sea-goat know how to hustle for a prize.

    Good luck karmic cuties, and if you need astro help, I’ll be here weekly delivering the T from above.

    Love & magic,
    Ellie Rose xoxo



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    About the Author:

    Ellie Rose Pierpoint is an Astrologer + Tarotist. She reads the signs of the universe to help people find cosmic love, passion and joy. In her spare time she runs pilgrimages in India & Nepal, communes with the Goddess, and follows cats around until they give her love.


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