4 Life F*ck Ups That Mean You’re Divinely Guided

    by Charlotte Eléa

    We all look forward to those moments when we do something right and are then rewarded for it: through a pay raise, a new job, an amazing partner, or simply a deep sense of fulfillment and pride in what we do.

    We consider these moments confirmation that we are on the right path, being guided and manifesting the life of our dreams.

    So, what about the opposite? The times life turns into chaos, the times we fail, the times we find ourselves stuck in unhappiness? What do those moments have to reveal to us?

    What I have learned is that these “oh shit” moments may actually reveal more about what you are doing right than what you’re doing wrong. If you listen to your intuition for the message that your guides are sending you, they will show you that you are exactly where you need to be.

    When things gets messy it means that your intuition have something valuable to teach you that will change your life. Here are the four life fuck-ups that reveal how your guides are trying to get you on the right path.

    1. When shit hits the fan.

    Have you ever felt as if you were walking along, thinking all is well, and then—bam! It’s as if a brick hits you in the head, knocking you over?

    These are the “WTF, Universe!” moments. When all of a sudden, life is chaotic and turned upside down. Maybe you were suddenly fired from your job. Maybe you found out your partner has been cheating on you. Maybe you thought you were healthy and suddenly your body gave out.

    I call these “Wake up calls from the universe.”

    I had my wakeup call in 2014: I had been working at a part-time minimum wage retail job—a job I had taken because I had searched and searched for a long time, and had given up on finding my purpose and a career that would fulfill me. And then—bam! I got fired.

    The message your guides are sending: Stop compromising!

    Your guides are a powerful force, and are making a bold move to tell you that a much greater, more fulfilling life is waiting for you. Getting fired was my wakeup call to start using and valuing my real gifts. Looking back now, it was the greatest blessing I have ever received.

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    2. When what was fine, just isn’t anymore.

    Are you feeling bored out of your mind?

    Maybe you’ve been working the same job for several years, playing the same role with your family for most of your life, doing what has been expected of you, or doing what you were taught would make you happy.

    And for a long while, it worked out okay. But suddenly, it just isn’t enough. And you are questioning everything.

    I call these existential crises.

    And I had mine several years ago when I was working as an e-commerce marketing director at a small company, performing duties I was good at and earning a steady paycheck.

    But every evening and morning I would cry.

    I was doing a job that didn’t allow me to express who I really was. So I took myself on vacations and writing retreats to help me feel better, but when I would come back I wouldn’t feel refreshed—I would feel worse.

    The message your guides are sending: You are ready for something bigger.

    Existential crises are rites of passage that usher you into the next stage of your life.

    Your guides are awakening you to the unlimited potential that awaits you. Your true self is ready to be discovered and expressed.

    Quitting that job was the first step for me towards discovering who I really was.

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    3. When you tell yourself “If I just fix this one thing…”

    Do you believe that all your problems have to do with the fact that one part of your life needs to be fixed?

    Maybe you just can’t find the love of your life. Maybe you hate your job. Maybe you hate your home, or the town that you live in, or your body.

    I used believe in the urban legend of “the magic three,” which says that you can never have it all: a great home, a great partner and a great job.

    And on that, I call BS! The reason why we tend to believe in this myth is because when we feel unhappy in some way, that emotion needs an outlet and a way to express itself.

    I experienced this in the Fall of 2017, when my charming city townhouse became the center of building construction and I was forced into living with unpredictable, disruptive noise and pollution.

    My guides were definitely telling me I needed to move! But also, they were urging me to find my agency and heal my relationship to my personal power.

    The message your guides are sending: You are ready to go deeper.

    Specific areas of unhappiness provide us with opportunities to heal and discover something crucial about ourselves, so that we may improve upon our entire lives. What may feel broken in just one area of your life, actually needs healing for all.

    4. When it doesn’t work out the way you wanted.

    These are the little life fuckups, failures and disappointments. When you tried something new, maybe you even took a chance, and it doesn’t work out how you thought and hoped that it would.

    These moments deserve a major reframe!

    Because the more you follow your intuition, the more these little mistakes are going to happen.

    Rather than allowing your intuition saboteurs to have a hay day—you know, those self-judging, self-doubting, self-criticizing voices within you that beat you up—you can actually pause and realize you are doing something right.

    Like this Fall, when I opened registration for my group program, and no one inquired, no one responded, no one signed up. Radio silence.

    I could have called it a failure… or even worse, called myself a failure. But instead, I got curious.

    The message your guides are sending: You have something to learn from this experience.

    I learned that the way this program was set up didn’t work for me and my community for several reasons. I needed to refocus my business on other offerings, while I went back to the drawing board to improve that program.

    So, when your critical voices visit you, telling you that you failed or made a mistake, know that it means you actually did something right!

    You are ready to know the missing piece, and you are well on your way on the right path. Your intuition is guiding you.

    You can ask your guides to point you in the right direction…

    Through synchronicities, signs and signals. A confirmation that, yes, you are on the right path towards more money, more fulfillment, more recognition, and more happiness.

    And when you ask, they will respond and show you.

    But those signs and signals don’t just reveal themselves when things are going great. They also show up when things feel and look like shit.

    And actually, feeling like shit may just be the greatest blessing you receive, in that if you listen and go towards the discomfort rather than run away from it, you are truly ready to manifest a life that you love.



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    About the Author:

    Charlotte Eléa is an Intuitive Guide and Breakthrough Transformation Coach, helping smart, soulful women embrace change, discover their purpose and passion, and express the fullness of who they are. This article was inspired by her memoir/self-help book, How I Learned to Trust Myself, forthcoming Fall 2018. You may find her and sign up for her free video series, 3 Powerful Steps to Inner & Outer Transformation, at www.bigbeautifulbreakthrough.com. And join her FB group, the Sacred Sojourner Space.


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