3 Reasons Why No One Can Tell You Your Life Purpose

    by Charlotte Eléa

    There are so many people out there that will tell you your life’s purpose if you ask them.

    In fact, your life purpose is not difficult to find: It’s mapped in the cosmos and your natal chart, it’s coded in your gene keys, and it’s written in the akashic records.

    Your life purpose (some call it soul, spiritual or higher purpose) is your unique offering to this world. Everyone has one. And no one’s is the same as anyone else’s.

    However, being told your life purpose, and knowing your life purpose are completely different experiences.

    Have you ever had a friend ask for your advice, and then do the total opposite? As if your good-intentioned wisdom flew right over their head?

    Being told your life purpose by someone else is like being this friend. Whoosh! It doesn’t stick.

    Their words will enter your mind, and you’ll have fun playing with the idea for a while, but that’s where it ends. Your soul will not digest the message.

    It’s not enough for someone to tell you your life’s purpose—you need to feel it, see it, be it on the inside.

    Only your soul can reveal your purpose to you. And only when you are ready to receive it.

    Your life purpose will awaken within you like a bolt of clarity.

    You’ll feel immediately expanded and centered as a deep truth takes over your entire inner being. You will be changed and transformed.

    Knowing your life purpose is a spiritual rite of passage. There are several reasons why you don’t know it yet, and why other people telling it to you has not helped.

    Here are the top three reasons why, and what you can do to get a little bit closer to the truth:

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    1. You’re Not Ready

    Your life purpose integrates all of who you are. It does not just come from your joy, your light, and your love. It is also born from your struggles, your pain, and your shadows.

    If you do not yet know your purpose, it may be because you still have important healing and self-discovery to do, in order to bring yourself into a place of acceptance, wholeness, and compassion.

    What if, instead of avoiding or emotionally reacting to the struggles you face, you embrace them and learn from them?

    This is an opportunity to go deeper to uncover your roots. It’s time to release limiting beliefs and false narratives that you have held onto since childhood about who you think you are.

    To come closer to the truth, begin a journey of healing. It may be time to begin working intimately with a coach, therapist or spiritual healer.

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    2. You’re Resisting It

    You may already know your life purpose, but fear is blocking you from realizing it. What you fear is also what you desire.

    It can be the most terrifying thing to have your deepest desires fulfilled: all those limiting beliefs that tell you to stay safe by being small and not make an impact are shouting “No!” while your soul is whispering “Yes” just out of earshot.

    And so, whatever you’ve been running away from, avoiding, pushing away and resisting—this is what holds the key to your life purpose!

    It is time now to face your fear.

    Whatever you are avoiding and denying, go towards it, rather than away from it. Fear and desire are opposite sides of the same coin.

    When you face your fear, you will also know what you really want. And knowing what your soul desires contains the truth of your purpose.

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    3. You Want to Know for the Wrong Reasons

    When we feel lost, hurt, scared or lonely, sometimes we look outside ourselves for answers.

    We want someone or something to save us from the misery and emptiness we feel inside. And we believe knowing our life purpose will fix us.

    If you are looking for answers in order to fill an empty place within you, your purpose will not be revealed.

    Your life purpose does not come from a desire for validation or to be fixed. Your life purpose does not come from fear and anxiety about the future. These are all wounded places.

    Your life purpose, instead, comes from a desire to be of service. A desire to share your wisdom, express your uniqueness, and make a difference in the world.

    Your life purpose comes from a place of wholeness and self-love.

    To get to the truth, bring yourself squarely into the present moment of your life.

    You do not need to know your future-self’s soul purpose to be fulfilled, to be happy and to feel whole.

    Your purpose right now is to simply do what feels light, nurturing and joyful to you.

    There is No Rush.

    When you do know your life purpose, having someone else tell it to you will simply confirm what has already been revealed within you.

    If you do not know your life purpose yet, there is no need to fret.

    You are already whole, already complete.

    You are exactly where you need to be. And you may trust that your soul will reveal it to you when the moment is right.



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    About the Author:

    Charlotte Eléa is an Intuitive Guide and Breakthrough Transformation Coach, helping smart, soulful women embrace change, discover their purpose and passion, and express the fullness of who they are. This article was inspired by her memoir/self-help book, How I Learned to Trust Myself, forthcoming Fall 2018. You may find her and sign up for her free video series, 3 Powerful Steps to Inner & Outer Transformation, at www.bigbeautifulbreakthrough.com.


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