5 Reasons Not To Make New Year Resolutions In January

    by Monefa Walker

    This is the time of year where people make an assessment of the year just gone, so they can set goals and intentions for the year ahead.

    I applaud anyone who does that, and works their way through it.

    But there’s sometimes an added pressure, if you’re someone who doesn’t make resolutions in January. One of the reasons could be that you prefer to make goals as you go along.

    Here are a few specific reasons why it’s okay to NOT feel like you’re doing something wrong if you don’t set official goals in January.

    1. Spring equinox

    For Millennia, the New Year would actually be when it’s the Spring Equinox which makes a lot of sense.

    It represents the seeds you sow during Winter Solstice & Yule.

    More importantly, we are currently using the Gregorian calendar. Before that, there was Julian, Mayan, Egyptian, Hellenic calendars (to name a few).

    Some even still use the Solar and Lunar alongside, so plant your seeds of intention when it feels right for you!

    2. Time

    As humans, we are the only organic beings on planet Earth that use time as a measure and a currency.

    It dictates structure, plans, and even where we live in the world.

    Depending on the continent you’re on, or if you live in the Northern/Southern hemisphere, you’re welcoming 2019 at a different time to others.

    There’s no need to feel bad if you didn’t post your list of resolutions at the same time with others. That does include social media.

    3. Space Time

    If we dare to tune into the part of us, that recognises we’re divine beings, part of a divine Consciousness, it becomes more apparent that space time is not linear.

    Therefore, a choice or a decision could be my future self, or my past self, making that decision.

    What I perceive as free will is an action that is fixed, or vice versa, or in between on a cosmological tangent.

    Setting intentions in May, does not mean there’s less chance of me witnessing actual results, than if I set my intentions in January.

    4. Partial solar eclipse in Capricorn

    On January 5th, there will be a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn at 15 degrees.

    A solar eclipse carries the power of the New Moon x10 and its effects last up to a year (compared to a fortnight with a New Moon).

    The current stellium in Capricorn means there’s a certain area of our lives (depending on your birth chart/sign), where we’ll be pushed to shed old karmic patterns, beliefs, behaviours, that stem back from previous lifetimes (including our ancestry).

    This is being done in order to gain more stability in that area of our lives.

    That means on a global and personal level, we’ll be experiencing a spiritual and mental restructure.

    Not necessarily the best time to be solidifying plans, which you could very well have different feelings about after the eclipse.

    Plus, Saturn is currently in Capricorn and rules Capricorn, so there’s a big emphasis on examination and temperance.

    5. Check in with your shadow self

    From personal experience, in the past I used to set resolutions bang on January 1st because I refused to accept that I had a juicy unconscious desire to set plans that I wanted to not achieve at all, so I can stay in my comfort zone –albeit a comfort zone of depression and hopelessness.

    That’s one example, but the key thing here is: don’t rule out that choosing to not make a resolution now is an action from your united will rather than a divided one.

    Even if you’re acting on a united will it’s good to work with your shadow anyway (existential kink meditation), as we’re always learning whether it be from mistakes, successes, achievements or even failures.

    As Carl Jung said, ‘Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also.’

    So, all in all trust what your intuition tells you.

    If you’ve yet to discern between what is intuition and fear, I promise you that the Universe will guide you.

    Yes, sometimes the guiding can feel more like an uncomfortable push in a certain direction, but it is to ensure we discover our life purpose.



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    About the Author:

    Monefa Walker is a classical pianist who lives in London, UK. As well as working in music PR and promotions, she runs a small occult business where she offers psychic, tarot and astrology readings. She’s also on YouTube.


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