The Sex Revolution Is Now

    by Aimee Lora

    Sex education is not only about preventing pregnancy as many state education programs would lead you to believe.

    It is about teaching consent and healthy relationships to the children of our future.

    When we neglect to communicate about sexuality in a holistic sense, the shadows of sexuality become repressed from an early age.

    There’s a rift between what children are taught and what they see, causing a chasm between their true identity.

    The children who do not learn the whole truth about sexuality do not know how to identify themselves as sexual beings.

    They are not taught how to understand themselves in their wholeness.

    As children transition into adulthood, their shadows of sexuality follow them.

    These shadows are expressed through unhealthy relationship patterns such as violence, rape, addiction, and abuse.

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    Sex educators all around the globe are rallying to help children, men, women, and couples find a new way of relating to themselves and to other people.

    There is an increasing amount of coaches, consultants and schools popping up who help people navigate the problems that have arisen from a culture that shames sex education.

    I see people who have adopted all sorts of identifiers in the name of sex education.

    There are witches, sex magik priestesses, sex gurus, sex therapists, tantric practitioners, somatic sex therapists, intimacy specialists and so much more.

    The field of sex education has become so diversified because of the holistic nature of it.

    The calling for healthy relationship dynamics and embodying our true selves is out there and my colleagues are answering the call.

    Individuals who have had enough of the abuse are sharing their wisdom to people who are ready to shift out of a paradigm where their sexuality is separate from themselves.

    The cycle of suffering must end, and by the hands of those who have traveled the path, it shall.

    People who have experienced sexual abuse, violence, shame, and oppression are speaking out as educators of this sex revolution.

    Now is the time to step into our authentic power, one in which sexuality is not separate from ourselves.

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    If you’re feeling like something is missing in your life and nothing seems to fill the void, reach out to a sex educator, whichever one most resonates with you.

    Some options are more westernized and some are more Eastern philosophy. It doesn’t matter which one you pick as long as you learn something to help you get along a little easier in life.

    When we can integrate our sexuality with our being, we step into a power that will shift the entire world’s trajectory.

    Imagine a world without separation, without polarizing aspects of ourselves.

    Imagine the balance, the harmony that can exist when we embody our whole selves and step into our creative sexual power.

    I see endless possibilities for the flourishing of our earth when we unite as one with ourselves. Problems begin to dwindle in comparison to the solutions given.

    When we become one with our sexuality, we recognize the inherent connection to the earth and we strive to treat it better.

    As we remain separate from our sexuality, we torment and ravage the earth.

    Plastic inhabits the guts of whales, forests are cut down, pollution is poisoning our air, children are hungry and homeless from war.

    The pain of not embodying our sexuality goes beyond ourselves and resonantes into the lives of many others.

    By choosing to integrate our sexuality and help others own theirs, we are catalyzing a new world.

    Together we will unite individuals with their sexuality and proclaim them whole, perfect and complete.

    We will identify, acknowledge and welcome the once repressed shadows home, so they no longer need to act out to be heard.

    The shadows of sexuality can rest and become integrated into wholeness.

    Not only is this the sex revolution, this is the path to the love revolution.

    When we begin to fully recognize ourselves, without being separate from our sexuality, we will begin to see that we are and always have been love.



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    About the Author:

    Aimee Lora is a Holistic Sexuality and Sexual Empowerment Educator and Healer who specializes in guiding people towards their sacred sexuality path with her taboo wisdom from over a decade as a sex worker. With a plethora of knowledge around the body and mind, she fuses soul work into this path to help people out of the dark and into the light to create the life they truly desire.  Connect with her on facebook, instagram, or through her website


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