HOW TO BE WEIRD IN A NORMAL WORLD – 5 Life Hacks to Help You Be You

    by Charlotte Eléa

    Is this a familiar scene? A friend takes you along to an event where you don’t know anyone.

    You small talk and share some laughs with friendly strangers, and then someone asks you:

    “So, what do you do?”

    You pause as you try to come up with the right words.

    But as you speak, you see the faces of these friendly people going blank, perhaps even becoming confused and turning away.

    It can feel sooo lonely being a weirdo in a normal world. And damn frustrating, too. Sometimes it may even feel as if you came into this world wrong.

    I used to believe this.

    Every 9-to-5 job made me miserable. No career existed that seemed to fit me. I just wanted to be happy, but it seemed like a ceaseless task in a world not built for me.

    And then, six years ago, I took a great leap and went into business for myself to find a way to offer my unique intuitive and healing gifts to others.

    I had little idea of where that journey would take me. I only knew that I needed to get to know ME and my own way a whole lot better.

    And I did.

    After several years of exploration and healing, I discovered that to thrive as a weirdo in a normal world, I needed to go by my own set of rules.

    Here are five essential life hacks for every weirdo out there who knows she’s got something incredible, brilliant and transformational to show the world:

    1. Stop Taking Advice From People Who Don’t Get You

    Everyone has a trick to every problem these days. There are so many life, money and career coaches out there, that you can’t turn on social media without being confronted with someone’s enlightened solution.

    And then there are those friends and family members who think that “if you just did ____, then ____.”

    But let’s be honest: most people don’t get you.

    Other people can follow those one-size-fits-all systems, or the kind-hearted advice from a friend, and have it work out perrrfectly.

    But not you. Their advice, like a generic pair of jeans from H&M, just doesn’t fit.

    It’s time to learn how to say, “thank you, but no,” and instead, hone the voice of your intuition.

    You have an internal guidance system that will reveal real options and creative solutions for your life, not anyone else’s. You just have to listen.

    2. Heal Your Self-Worth

    If you’re a weirdo now, chances are you’ve been a weirdo your entire life.

    And being a weirdo as a kid often meant feeling left out, or worse, even outcast.

    That can leave scars that turn into self-wounding beliefs as an adult.

    Things like, “I’m never going to be good enough,” and “No one cares about what I think.”

    It’s time to change all that. You are no longer a kid.

    There is no bully in the schoolyard that is threatening to pull your pants down. Your greatest enemy actually lives within you.

    So, how do you begin the healing process?

    Through patience, self-compassion and self-love. Meet those self-criticisms with the gentleness that you’d greet a child.

    Because, in fact, all of those wounding beliefs are actually coming from the scared little kid that still lives inside you.

    Love yourself unconditionally the way you wanted and needed to be loved as a child.

    You have the power to transform your beliefs when you realize you are so much bigger than them!

    3. Do Something Courageous Every Day

    It can feel incredibly scary and vulnerable to stick out so profusely in a crowd.

    But the alternative is to hide. And hiding your amazing, brilliant and unique self is a disservice to all!

    It takes courage to reveal your true self to people who may look at you as if you are speaking in Klingon.

    And that’s why all of us weirdos need a good dose of courage every day. It is our fuel for living.

    How do we receive a dose of courage?

    It’s simple: By doing something courageous! Action proceeds experience.

    So rally your strength and inner resources, and choose to be different from the rest. Choose to take a stand, or go a different way.

    The weird looks you’ll get from strangers are totally worth it. I guarantee you that when you do, you’ll feel damn good about yourself.

    4. Don’t Follow – Lead

    I am about to say something that may freak you out. Okay, here goes…

    You are a leader.

    There I said it… don’t run away!

    I know that word can feel utterly intimidating, but let’s look at the evidence: You can’t follow, we already know this. Your path is guided by your own intuition.

    And those that don’t follow… See what I am getting at?

    But, seriously, you will be surprised by how many people will be refreshed by your ingenuity and smartass originality, and will follow in your footsteps.

    We are all craving colorful, soulful, impassioned individuals that light our fires and inspire the fuck out of us.

    So see it like this: your brilliance could awaken the brilliance of another smartass weirdo. How awesome is that?

    5. Honor Your Weirdo Soulmates

    Just because you are a weirdo doesn’t mean that there is no one else out there that gets you—it just means they may be harder to find.

    You have many soulmates. And as a weirdo, your soulmates may come in human, animal, spirit or plant form.

    So when you do meet one, love on them like crazy! Show them you care. Honor them through sacred altars, prayers, gifts and gratitude.

    Let them know you are there for them, and ask them to be there for you.

    The more you deepen your relationships with those that do get you, the easier it will be to step out of the crowd, and be proudly you—beautiful, unabashed worthy you.



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    About the Author:

    Charlotte Eléa is the author of the book, To Be Worthy, and an intuitive guide, healer and mentor to soulful women. She is passionate about leading women to the discovery that they may take the painful, difficult, and wounded parts of themselves and transform them into frickin’ gold. She is on a mission to help women reclaim their true self-worth: Learn more.


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