Age of Aquarius – a Paradigm Shift is Coming

    by Monefa Walker

    Notice the news about our axis changing, the magnetosphere shifting from North to South?

    These are some of the signs we’re reaching the end of the Age of Pisces, and the Age of Aquarius.

    Whenever the Spring equinox and the axis travels through a certain sign, that signifies the “Age” that we’re in.

    To go through each sign is approximately 2,000 years; totalling 25,000 in total so the “official” moment the Age of Aquarius will begin, won’t be until the 22nd century.

    But as we’re still understanding the Ages, what is apparent is that activity, shifts and evolution happen way before we reach that year.

    Actually, some we’re already witnessing when it comes to relationships & identity. That will be the peak.

    We’re now entering the build-up. Those with their Uranus in Capricorn, Aquarius OR Pisces will be leading the way.

    Genius minds like Hedy Lamarr (without her, no WiFi) have their Uranus in Aquarius, so we already know the genius and illumination Aquarius can bring.

    But before even going into our current age of Pisces, let’s go back a little bit to the Age of Capricorn.

    The Age of Capricorn

    The Age of Capricorn was roughly 24,500 years ago, not due again for at least another 2 millenniums.

    Know what period we were in during the Age of Capricorn? Though a broad period, it was the paleolithic times. No joke.

    What occurred during the paleolithic times? The evolution of us as we currently know ourselves: homo sapiens.

    The word “paleo” originates from the Greek word “palaios” meaning ancient. Capricorn rules aging, karma and time. It also rules restriction and bones.

    To this day, one of the biggest and oldest human settlements discovered, is one (dated 25,000 years ago) that consists of materials including… mammoth bones to create homes and buildings.

    Saturn rules Capricorn. Saturn rules bones, stones (this period is also called the “late stone age”) teeth, stability, structure, repetition and restriction.

    As mentioned in a previous article about the energy of Saturn, even in mythology the period that Saturn ruled was “lawfully harmonious”.

    In other words, there was so much order that punishment wasn’t enforced in the same way as it is now.

    Doesn’t mean there weren’t any, but the institutions in place then were different compared to now. Or were they?

    That’s what I originally thought, but then how many lessons personally and collectively have we yet to learn?

    And hence its repetitive appearance in our cultures and society?

    That period was restrictive in terms of what we were capable of, there were delays in how we allowed ourselves to evolve and advance, due to fears, the old reptile brain (Saturn also rules our fears).

    The fear or flight response is still there, an emblem of Saturnian energy; long term and repetitive but also gives a structure to our cerebral approach internally and externally.

    Our “public image” tells a story. But, it was also a time of a major karmic reset, karma that we’re still processing and experiencing now.

    Saturn also rules delays, hence despite being in a Piscean age, we’re still experiencing the karmic effects of those times.

    Plus, understanding the repetitive karmic patterns we’ve yet to let go of, and the parts of us that have remained a stable long-term structure.

    Like the skeletons and teeth that we develop, and the use of Carbon to work out the time-periods of archaeological finds.

    Many people I know have a natal Uranus in Capricorn (including myself), but you know who else has their Uranus in Capricorn? Julius Caesar & the Virgin Mary. Food for thought.

    The Age of Pisces

    The Age of Pisces began, roughly around the time Christianity began. No accident as one of the things Pisces rules is faith.

    Pisces is the sign of dissolved boundaries, and through the middle period of this age, was when we witnessed coalescence of religion, science and spirituality.

    Sadly, monotheism at this time was used to deceive, control under the guise of philanthropy.

    Meanwhile men like Kopernikus (who introduced the heliocentric model which has now been proven) and Galileo, wanted us to dissolve the core beliefs in our mind that time.

    Beliefs like the Sun goes around our Earth, we’re the only galaxy in existence.

    Pisces rules the astral realm, the unconscious, the dream space.

    Very interesting, when we think of the influence of Giordano Bruno.

    A hermetic occultist, philosopher, mathematician hypothesised at the time, that stars were distant Sun (our Sun is a star) surrounded by their own planets, thus indicating life is created there the same as in our system.

    He was declared a heretic by the religious inquisition and they tortured and murdered him. Pisces energy can bring martyrdom.

    Quite funny that religion and faith, brought deception by claiming such thinking victimised folk, who could never comprehend such ideas.

    Yet killing and condemning the men & women who publicized such ideas, thus becoming martyrs for their beliefs and philosophies.

    Pisces is also about creativity, art, spirituality and in many ways, rebellion (think of the fish going in opposite directions).

    During this period, we’ve also been blessed with those determined to dissolve boundaries in our psyche and unconscious.

    Notable names determined to expand consciousness through creativity, art, science and the occult: Voltaire, DaVinci and one who definitely couldn’t be left out of the conversation, and that is Dante himself.

    Dante’s visions of hell, purgatory and paradise are not only still being used and discussed, but has been the frame for which we understand ourselves beyond our human body.

    Something William Blake understood, who had his Uranus in Pisces in the 9th house.

    Inevitable that his visions would take a turn where occult, religion and science would merge and become visible within his work.

    As we’re nearing the end of this age, this is why we’re also witnessing extreme instability between the axis of religion/science.

    Religion is seeking to dominate where science is expanding.

    Whilst science is seeking to explain, prove, disprove what religion has been adamant about since their formations.

    This duality is here to stay, and it will play out over and over, until we fully understand the karma that we decided to sow during the Age of Capricorn.

    No accident, that the 2 party system (2 is a number associated with Neptune & Pisces) that the Western world is governed by, also began under this Age.

    Which began under Queen Anne when she decided to dissolve the borders to make this country into one sovereign state.

    Which is also why that system is coming to an end and we know it is, hence why those trying to maintain its presence in our society are starting to appear deceptive, duplicitous and out of touch.

    However, Pisces rules entertainment and look at how the entertainment world has expanded beyond boundaries we previously built.

    Pisces also rules dreams and how many things have been created?

    How many people have exceeded their expectations and potential, initiating new things, pushing boundaries further than ever before?

    This includes our attitudes towards ourselves, our identities and relationships. Which brings me to why this is a sign we edge nearer to the Age of Aquarius.

    The Age of Aquarius

    Uranus is considered hermaphroditic in nature. Let’s go back a bit.

    In mythology, the creators of Uranus are the Goddesses Aether (light) and Nyx (darkness) amongst others.

    One of Uranus’s children is Aphrodite. The God Hermaphroditus’ parents are…

    Hermes and Aphrodite.

    Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury/Hermes, and Aphrodite is love, creativity and desire.

    Hermaphroditus is the intersex God; his aesthetics embodying man and woman.

    He was the walking alchemical marriage of light, dark, masculine and feminine.

    I mention this, as it does pertain slightly to why we are noticing a major shift in how we identify ourselves. Whether we’re single, in a partnership.

    People are experiencing the discomfort of the karma from the Age of Capricorn, clashing with the Piscean energy, thus dissolving the boundaries for individuals to feel liberated in their truth, their being, freedom from the constructs that have defined us all for millennia.

    Notable people with Uranus in Aquarius, apart from Hedy Lamarr, include: Nelson Mandela, Joan of Arc, Albert Camus & Johann Von Goethe (the creator of the Dr. Faust poem).

    Sadly, some people are allowing the fear to make them think “everyone all of a sudden doesn’t know if they want to be a man or a woman”.

    That is a very narrow and generalised assumption of the spiritual revolution that is occurring in many. Look at marriage.

    The institution of marriage isn’t going anywhere. But what is changing? The hopes, desires and wishes we have about entering marriage if we wish.

    Also, the constructs of marriage are changing.

    Rather than the Capricornian “one size fits all”, married couples are adapting their marriage partnership to how they want, so it’s tailored and in alignment with their true, liberated selves, whilst also creating a new life, new energy together.

    This is quite beautiful, AND it’s why Uranus in Capricorn people will play a big part in helping many to adjust to this shift (shout out to my 90s people who have the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. We’re here to dissolve and rebuild new paradigms).

    Meanwhile, those with Uranus in Pisces, will be dissolving the boundaries between worlds, seeking ideas that don’t exist on this material plane.

    Which if you think about it, a lot of our issues on this planet aren’t strictly material, so makes sense some of the solutions within exist outside this world.

    Neptune is currently in its domicile Pisces, playing its rule of making sure boundaries do not get a chance to solidify and block us in another cycle of karma.

    Now, Saturn will ingress Aquarius first, go retrograde back into Capricorn one more time and then it will remain in Aquarius (activating the Saturn return for many of us).

    Then Jupiter will ingress Aquarius before 2021.

    Pluto will follow Saturn & Jupiter’s direction a year and a half approximately later, followed by Neptune  going into Aries, the sign of the individual. Individual power.

    Uranus by that point will be in the cerebral Gemini (Mercury), the lower octave of Uranus/Aquarius.

    This is no coincidence, all this air energy. This will be complete by 2050.

    But like with anything that evolves, the instability to get to the point of unity and harmony, is years before, i. e. here and now.

    Uranus rules instability, but only when we resist truth, authenticity, what exists beyond our mortal bodies.

    Remember, Uranus is a higher octave of Mercury. The outer planets didn’t even begin in our solar system.

    Makes perfect sense, why the outer & the social planets are always the key into upgrading our vibration and frequency.

    We’re experiencing some of the purest alchemy known to man right now.

    Aquarius rules electricity, internet and technology. If you’ve read “Origin” by Dan Brown, you may be able to guess where I’m heading with this.

    The digital age, artificial intelligence. It’s here to stay.

    But we have the power to integrate, help us to evolve rather than a war of dystopia.

    Which, when you think about it, those stories are formed because the authors illuminate that the internal chaos and desire to project blame, leads us to building machines and computers that are a mirror of us.

    Even in American Gods, the God of technology, the Goddess of media.

    They embody some of the darkest aspects of ourselves, yet we “pretend” their actions are not influenced by us at all.

    The God/human relationship is less cryptic, and more symbiotic (something that I touched on in a previous article about divine intervention & miracles in the occult).

    But what if we liberated ourselves? What if we didn’t internalise angry thoughts?

    What if we healed the very things in our shadow, that motivate us to be validated in our anger, feeling wronged or divided?

    Who would we be without our attachments to resentments and things that majorly irritate us?

    This is something that will only come to light, the further we edge to the Age of Aquarius.

    In other words: there are those of us here to help ourselves, the masses to raise their consciousness to get ready to shift into a new paradigm, to live a life that exists beyond the kingdom of Malkuth.

    Many foresaw this, visionaries like Tesla saw the future (he had Uranus in his 1st house).

    Jupiter is associated with our life path, our dharma.

    Whenever it ingresses a sign, it’s also bringing a shift within our beliefs, attitudes, and the direction we’re heading.

    Jupiter is a social planet, so we see this play out everywhere.

    Saturn is also a social planet, so to have both in Aquarius in the next year, will be the beginning of the end. The end of the beginning.

    Because you see, everything is infinite. Everything evolves.

    Even what we identify as the “space-time continuum”.

    I want everyone to be observing very carefully this next year as Jupiter is in Capricorn, especially in your own charts.

    Whether you join my webinar. Or seek advice from someone else, to be empowered in your evolution, we all must be empowered in our observations, objectification and experiences.

    We will be seeing an end to a lot of karma, but not without some major discomfort and growing pains, globally as well as personally.

    This is the time to seek your purpose. Till next time, infinite beings!

    © 2019 Monefa Walker All Rights Reserved



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    About the Author:

    Monefa Walker is a classical pianist who lives in London, UK. As well as working in music PR and promotions, she runs a small occult business where she offers psychic, tarot and astrology readings.


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