by Nora Wallace

    What are you rebelling against?

    If you feel like you need to rebel against something…

    …your inner Warrior might be calling out to you.

    The inner Warrior archetype can inspire the rebel within you to focus your attention & energy towards a worthy cause that’s important to you.

    The inner Warrior keeps themselves fit, strong, and healthy. They take care of themselves mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

    They uplift themselves, stay focused on their mission, and raise their own energy higher & higher until they believe in their own power. They see the effect of their attitude on their environment and do their best to make a positive impact.

    Whereas the inner Rebel is embroiled in a bitter power struggle with some authority, the inner Warrior has a sense of responsibility for the choices and decisions they’ve made that have contributed to their circumstances.

    While the inner Rebel is belligerent and disturbs their environment, the inner Warrior brings peace and creates opportunities for solutions to unfold.

    The inner Warrior fights for what they believe in by widening their perspective, creating community, and bringing people together in harmony.

    Being a rebel can actually feed your inner victim. By placing blame outside of yourself, you give away power and control that you could be using to change your life.

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    Not only could you be using that focus and energy to change your own life, you could be using it to contribute something useful to the world.

    But the inner victim doesn’t see that, and instead gives up, becoming a part of the force that drives the very authority they were rebelling against in the first place.

    The inner Warrior can help you get out of this vicious cycle by reclaiming your power.

    You can work within whatever structures are already in place, while bringing something truly unique and authentic to the table.

    This will make you an inspiring leader and a shining example to others to do the same for themselves, whatever that looks like for them.

    Your inner Rebel might need some healing, care, and attention before it’s ready to embrace becoming the Warrior.

    Perhaps your inner Rebel has built a wall of protection around their hearts that unbeknownst to them, has caused them to become hardened emotionally.

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    But behind that wall there’s a soft spot where the Victim resides, and that is where the inner Warrior can go to heal the wounding of the inner Rebel.

    With a little time and patience, and the help of your inner Warrior, you can lay down the fears and projections of your inner Rebel.

    You can make a powerful positive impact in this world, and you can do it in whatever way feels right to you.

    You don’t have to worry about fulfilling your mission in any particular way, you just need to be so focused on it that no matter what you’ll find a way to support that cause.

    There are a million different ways to fulfill a mission and get people to come together in community to support a cause, but it starts with you.

    You must have a good attitude and be optimistic about your cause if you’re going to get anybody on board with it.

    If you’re pessimistic and have a shitty attitude about it, nothing’s going to happen because others can’t see what you believe in and therefore can’t be inspired by it themselves. It’s a chain link domino effect.

    At some point, you must be the one that says enough is enough. Quit complaining and get to work, and actually enjoy the work because you know you could be complaining instead.

    Anyway, it’s much more fun to have influence and power which you gain from being a great leader than to sit around and do nothing and whine.

    So, ask your inner Rebel what it’s rebelling against and why. Tell them that it’s ok, you understand their anger and frustration, and all those feelings are valid.

    Then ask your inner Warrior how you can use this passion to fuel your mission. Whenever you get off track or complacent, remind yourself of this passion.

    Your inner Warrior is calling you. Will you answer?


    About the Author:

    Nora Wallace is a Tarot Reader, Shamanic Practitioner and Priestess of the Divine Feminine.  She offers private sessions and one-on-one mentoring to transform your life with ancient tools of wisdom and the Divine Feminine. Email to apply for the 3 Month Goddess Transformation series, in which you can embrace your Warrior archetype and heal your inner Rebel with intimate one-on-one support and personalized guidance. Catch up with Nora on Facebook and Instagram.

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