by Nora Wallace

    I was enjoying a sunny day at the Saturday market where I ran my Tarot booth, when a Raven haired woman approached.

    She pointed at the tapestries hanging behind me, “I love those!”

    We started making small talk about magic and I asked her how I could energetically protect my booth, because the old gypsy palm reader had been throwing me shade.

    She gave me some good advice and then shook my hand.

    Gasping, she pulled back and said, “You were an Oracle at Delphi!”

    I was weirded out and intrigued at the same time.  No one had ever said anything like that to me before. She gave me her card and we set up a time to talk more at her home.

    I arrived at her place as the sun was setting and I felt like I was going to visit the village soothsayer…because I was.

    Her home was decorated with hanging herbs and candles, and as she led me into the kitchen she said, “My mother always told me not to trust anyone who’s uncomfortable in your kitchen, because that’s the heart of your home.”

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    We sat at the dining room table and she started to invoke my spirit guide.  She told me he was a giant dude with a big gash on his face, that he seemed like a gladiator.  “He’s very protective of you – he’s hovering over you right now.”

    She told me I had done him a favor in another life and that in this life he was happy to be my protector.

    Then she started to talk about a few of my past lives.

    “You’ve been a healer, you’ve been a healer, and you’ve been a healer, and then all of a sudden…they start to hate you for it.” 

    She went on to describe how I went through all three inquisitions.  “The Spanish Inquisition was the worst….it was not good.”  I started to feel nauseous.

    The nausea continued as I took the train home.  I started to feel dizzy and realized I was going to pass out.  I got off on the next stop, took a few deep breaths and walked home.

    It took a while for me to integrate this strange information… I knew it was true.  It all made sense, the mistrust of others, not trusting myself, keeping my life private, getting anxiety and my throat closing up when doing readings.

    I still wasn’t convinced, so I decided to consult some professional psychics and past life readers.  After 3 in a row telling me that I was burned as a witch without me telling them anything about myself; I was a little more convinced.

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    I was even more convinced when I started retrieving past life memories in my meditations.

    At one point I saw men with dark beards wearing chain link armor marching in a row, and I got the feeling that I thought they were total dolts. I did some research and found out that must have been during the crusades.

    Another time I saw myself sitting in a living room weaving black thread through an embroidery hoop. It looked like I had a nice fancy dress on and the living room was well decorated.

    When I researched that, I found that there’s a specific kind of Spanish embroidery called blackwork that was popular in the 15th and 16th centuries. This would be around the same time of the Spanish Inquisition which was established in the late 15th century.

    After all this synchronicity, I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

    I made a conscious choice to move through all the feelings I had about it – grief, anger, despair, hopelessness, abandonment, rage… which became a healing process that helped me remember what’s important to me.

    I realized quickly that I was going to have to let go of the victim role & find a new way to feel empowered, otherwise there was no way I was going to be able to walk down a spiritual path in this life.

    If I didn’t let go of my victim role, I would never find my true self, because our natural state is to be empowered.

    The biggest way I did this was to take what I learned from those lives, and focus on what desire it left me with…

    To help people who have lost touch with their magic to stand in their true power & be unapologetic about their magic & not even feel like they must convince anyone that it’s real…

    And to get people to realize that putting someone else’s beliefs of spirituality down doesn’t make your beliefs and spiritual experience any more legitimate or right.

    To all the magical people who’ve experienced religious or spiritual persecution in this life or others, find out what it is that drives you to keep sharing your true self & focus on that.

    Know that you are safe, and the world desperately needs & wants you here.



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    About the Author:

    Nora Wallace is a Tarot Reader, Shamanic Practitioner and Priestess of the Divine Feminine.  You can view her Past Life Interview Series at www.norawallace.com/pastlifeseries, in which she interviews successful spiritual leaders who discuss their personal experiences with past life persecution, and how they were able to overcome a victim role and focus on self-empowerment.

    She offers private sessions and one-on-one mentoring to transform your life with ancient tools of wisdom and the Divine Feminine.  To find out how her ongoing support can help you make radical shifts in your life, email contact@norawallace.com to set up a free call.


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