by Liv Lu

    I was born creative, a natural force within me as a child before I lost it in concepts of right and wrong, in bad self-esteem and judgments when older.

    Resurrecting my creativity back has been to reclaim life back.

    Creative expression emerges naturally from the dark, still places, like seeds, like we do from the womb.

    When we deeply relax and let go, when we let ourselves breathe and take the time to land in ’the spaces in-between’, sprouts start to take shape.

    In the spaces in-between

    When we let ourselves deeply rest and pause, preferably while also connecting with nature, our energy system restores and balance.

    That makes us come closer to our essence, which is where our creativity resides. Observe what naturally pulls you in those spaces, what naturally arises from within you as gentle nudges, listen.

    The inner child – your guide

    When you find something arising within you, play with it!

    The inner child is immensely important in creative processes because it is the one who allows us to explore without accomplishments or judgments.

    It is the one who dares to play with expression which we have forgotten as adults in the belief that we need to be realistic and productive with everything we do.

    Activate your inner child, make space and time for her/him to appear and he/she will be one of your strongest guides in your creative journey.

    ”Breathe in life, breathe out in a creative expression. Make art of your life experience.”

    Using archetypes

    We can project our consciousness into objects and by imagining we are it we can receive a lot of information from that perspective, like from a tree.

    We can also do this with other humans or archetypes.

    An archetype can be a God or a Goddess or a creature from the myths and old stories, we can even invent an archetype ourselves.

    It is an energetic form, a way of existing that we can learn from and embody.

    We are more powerful than we often realize, our minds are incredible and the reality is that we are very closely connected to everything around us.

    Archetypes can awaken things within us, both characteristics and talents.

    They can be our teachers and muses and we can consciously create a relationship to them that with effort and energy, as with human relations, will strengthen and deepen with time.

    The video

    In this video, I am embodying my inner fairy ice-queen.

    She is wise, loving and she wants people to remember the magic in life.

    I let her tell what I want to inspire to, which is to connect with ourselves deeper, connect back with nature, finding and listening to our inner guidance system and daring to break free from dysfunctional structures of this society.

    Words to work as white spells in rhyme.

    Lastly a quote by Prentice Mulford: 

    You should say ‘It is possible for me to become anything wHiCh I admire’ You should say ‘It is possible for me to become a writer, an orator, an actor, an artist’. You have then thrown open the door to your own temple of art within you. As long as you said ‘impossible’ you kept it closed. Your ‘I can’t’ was the iron bolt locking that door against you. Your ‘I can’ is the power shoving back that bolt.”


    About the Author:

    Liv Lu is a storytelling poet and artist, yoga teacher, dancer and mentor/coach in creative expression and shadow work. As well as a nature loving fairy and world traveling white witch. She has two homes, one in Bali and one in Sweden. She has been collecting magical interviews with inspirational leaders from the alternative movement worldwide that is to be released soon. These interviews and poems/storytelling art pieces with archetypal wisdom and sharing will be released soon at Youtube. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

    featured image: author’s own, shot by Annie Katoski







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