Are You A Spring Witch Or An Autumn Witch?

    by Demelza Fox

    Here in the UK, Spring is sweeping across the earth – I can feel the quickening in the soil, and the energy change that heralds the shifting season.

    I can behold the beauty of a hundred spring flowers and the scent of the flowering blackthorn trees.

    The longer days and this springtime energy are just making life feel a little more fun, a little more hopeful and optimistic, and dare I say it, a little more magical.

    In my Morgan Mystery School, where we work in devotion to the Avalonian goddess Morgan le Fay, we are about to enter Enchantress Season.

    We are entering the season of the spring festival of Ostara, and the celebration of all things witchcraft!

    For me, this is the season of witchcraft – or, perhaps, this is the other season of witchcraft, as no-one can deny the magic in the air between Autumn Equinox and Samhain!

    Right now the world is springing alive with possibility, the energy of seeds making ready to sprout, the fire of life and sex and that thrust for the sun.

    Everything in nature is physically seeding and manifesting, and this is the very hopeful, optimistic, innocent sexual energy that powers magic and spells.

    For me, the equinoxes and the festivals of Beltane and Samhain are the most deeply witchy portals of the year.

    I like to think of them as having two totally different witchy vibes – the Witch of Autumn and the Witch of Spring.

    Of course, the Witch of Autumn is older and wiser than this springtime sexy witch.

    The Autumn Witch moves deeply with the rhythms of the earth, engages with prophecy and shadow work to manifest her multi-layered intention and perhaps presents the more stereotypical image of a witch stirring a cauldron, alchemising golden inspiration from the dark depths of her brew…

    Kinda old-school witch image but you get the idea – two women seeking the smarts of the Autumn Witch

    … but the Witch of Spring is in love with magic, possibility, and the fire of manifesting her desires.

    Her spellcraft is effortless, fuelled by passion and fun and determination, trying out as many different pathways and options as possible!

    Now, neither one of these witches is “better” than the other. It is the way of our culture *cough* patriarchy *cough* to make sure there is always a Winner and a Looser – a Right Way and a Wrong Way.

    Sure, the Witch of Spring is light-footed, a little tricksy and less experienced, and her energy is perhaps younger and a bit wilder…

    …but it doesn’t make her less than the Witch of Autumn, with her wisdom and shadow depth.

    And the Witch of Autumn cannot deepen into her wisdom without her time as the Witch of Spring – where else would she get her experience from?

    Isn’t it crazy how we are expected to have both the experience and wisdom of age, but the looks and vitality of youth, all at the same time?

    Both – the excited, passionate energy of the Witch of Spring and the deep, earthed energy of the Witch of Autumn are important.

    They feed each other – an Autumn Witch never gets anything done without the fire of Springtime, and the Spring Witch can easily fall into chaos without the grounding reflection of Autumn.

    Morgan le Fay has both of these witchy energies in her – no surprise really, given that she is a Goddess of Witches.

    My name for the Spring Witch archetype is the Enchantress, which has quickly become one of my new favourite words, because it just sounds so playful and sexy.

    The Enchantress dances her world into alignment with her desires, leading with love and playfulness.

    The Enchantress has a powerful faery quality to her, and a feeling that her powers are rooted in her connection with the ever shifting, tricksy world of Faery.

    She is a witch of Fire, who dances and laughs loudly and follows her dreams while charming everyone around her.

    She’s a very social witch!

    Historical Enchantresses have always been beautiful ladies turning men into pigs or carrying hotties away to her otherworldly kingdom to make love for a million years – their magic is worked for their own gratification, delight and enjoyment – to make life more fun.

    Jason and the Enchantress Medea

    My Autumn Witch sometimes gets called a Sourceress – she who is connected with the source of all things and sees how everything is connected, who works with both the shadow and the light.

    She is unafraid to look into the mirror that the darkness presents us with and work with what she sees there, and is a master of Alchemy – transmuting one thing into another.

    She is earth, and responsibility, and knowledge of her place in all things.

    It’s a very different vibe to the Enchantress, far heavier but equally magical.

    I feel like in witchcraft, like in all things, we feel like there is a version of ourselves we should be – and usually, it’s the wise, serious, skilful witch who knows what she is doing and is all smart and experienced and stuff.

    Because we have this vision of how much smarter and wiser we should be, we dismiss the Enchantress for fear of being selfish or childlish.

    We need to be very very grown up witches, y’all.

    It’s easy to lose out on the playfulness of the Enchantress, we lose touch with the fire that fuelled our passion long ago, and bog it down with the heaviness of earth, which is what we “should” do if we are “serious” witches – we should be serious right?

    Nah. Fuck that.

    It’s time to PLAY again, friends.

    As spring creeps in, it’s time to embrace the spirit of the Enchantress.

    To try new things, to make magical mistakes, to be a beginner again, and to do magical things that delight and enchant you.

    To find out what you love about being a witch.

    To find the most easy, fun way to make magic possible – or to hole up in your bedroom with a bunch of awesome books.

    How can you make witchcraft playful again?

    It’s the perfect time of year to find out.

    Let us at WITCH know how you are going to embrace your Enchantress spirit this season!



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    About the Author:

    Demelza Fox is a modern day mermaid, international dancer, Venusian Devotee and a Priestess of Morgan le Fey. By day, she runs Rockstar Priestess, a priestess- and goddess spirituality-training site for wild witches and mystic mermaids, and by night she lights up stages across the land as a magnetic dancer and award winning burlesque seductress. She runs the Morgan le Fey Mystery School, dedicated to teaching the ways and secrets of Morgan le Fey through both online courses and retreats in the heart of the landscape of Avalon in Glastonbury UK. If you would like to learn more about Morgan le Fey, be a part of free online mermaid ceremonies and join Demi for more badass priestessery and venusian magic, you can join her Mermaid Coven on Facebook, or sign up to her Email List for sexy presents and delicious love letters.


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