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Ostara Dream Witchery 

by Sequoia Starr

Come sister, it is time to reach deep into the fertile earth with bare claws and dig deep until you reach the storytelling bones of your past incarnations.

Until you reach the archetypal landscapes of universal dream wisdom and witchery and take back your right to be empowered by the moonlight.

The Wheel of the Year spins once again and here you are alive and ready to hatch from the fiery golden stone that is the Phoenix egg.

The anticipation is strong as you toss and turn like the seedling after a long exploration through the lands of ice, excitement on your breath and complacency melting with the tired winter winds.

You are ready to bloom into the ripened fruit of your sensual maiden self.

Your heart pumps with recycled blood and imitates a red petaled rose blooming towards the growing light.

Adorned with a royal shield of numinous thorns, your delicacy is tasted in boundaries.

It is wise to wonder the nature of such things as boundaries, sister.

It is wise to listen to the bird chirping and wonder about the frequency, the unseen, the unknown, the many worlds which turn in synchronicity with our own.

Do you often wonder the nature of the lifetime we lead during the darkest hours of mystery, moon mystified and starlit in our sleeping state?

Do you wonder about the guardians which take your hand through the dream portal?

Now is the time to witness the kiss of night and day, and to wonder. What is it that you dream of sister?

It may be a world of peace and equality, where the moon may share space in the sky with the sun.

She may be honored in her nighttime reign and the world will remember the power of dream witchery, the divine feminine reclaimed in all of her wild beauty.

Do you dream of such things as the bountiful nourishment of nature reaching far and wide, of clean streams and acceptance with the rising and falling tides?

Do you dream of stillness in the waters of your soul sanctuary, your lineage and family, the united nations holding hands in harmony?

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Come sister and reclaim your cauldron, your right to dream weave in the goddess womb and breathe new life into the world.

You are free to wallow deep in the dark mud and to bloom wild in bliss toward the light.

This land is fertile, alive and rich with potential witchery as Spring time arrives.

This Ostara, when in perfect balance meet dark and light, reclaim your right to weave magick in your dream time and weave your dream time into waking life.



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About the Author:

Sequoia Starr is a practicing The Witches Spiral who facilitates workshops on Earth Magick as a path of empowerment. She is a visionary writer, energy healer and tarot reader who has studied shamanism, yoga, tantra, wicca and witchcraft over the years. She celebrates as well as encourages the continuous exploration of the Great Mystery. Check her out on Facebook and Instagram!


featured image via Unsplash

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