The Fiery Enchantress of the Spring Equinox

    by Demi fox

    The Spring Equinox is coming up fast on Tuesday 20th March, so it means it’s a delicious time to really sink into that Spring Equinox energy.

    To me, Spring Equinox is a festival of Fire and Witchcraft!

    We are entering one of the powerful portal times of the year – the times between the Equinoxes and the most major Fire Festivals.

    To me, Morgan le Fey rules these twilight times of the year, and it’s an amazing time to connect with her energy.

    Morgan le Fey is the Goddess of magic, mystery, power and desire, and she rules all things witchy – divination, sorcery, spellcasting, manifestation, devotion, spirit connection, all that jazz.

    An Equinox is the moment of balance between two states of being – equal day and equal night.

    Each equinox season leads directly into the biggest, most magical, most witchy festivals of the year: Samhain and Beltaine, renowned for their wild, untameable magical powers, their themes of sex, death, faeries and witches (and their connection to that wild, sexy, fairy queen and witch of the isle of the dead, Morgan le Fey!).

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    So now, in March, we are entering the yearly portal of Morgana as the Enchantress.

    I see her as a powerful young woman, a witch, excited about the world around her, awake to the marvels of being alive.

    I see her witching her world into being with her innate feminine powers: enchanting men and women alike with her lust for life, the infectious lusty innocence of her laugh, her deep-feeling passion present in every conversation, every earnest frown, every wide eyed smile.

    The Enchantress is a woman who is inherently, undeniably ALIVE.

    For me, the archetype of the Enchantress is driven by these things:

    • passion
    • excitement
    • impulsiveness
    • sexuality
    • curiosity
    • sensuality
    • determination

    There is a certain sweet innocence to the Enchantress of the Spring Equinox.

    She doesn’t have the wise knowing and deep experience of the Witch Priestess at Mabon/ Autumn Equinox, or the darkness and wisdom of the Sorceress/Wise Woman at Samhain.

    She’s more impulsive: she acts on things she wants for herself, her own pleasure, her own desires. She’s easily swept away by her own passion and curiosity, and is wilful – stubborn, even.

    If she wants something, she will stop at nothing to have it, especially if someone tells her she can’t have it!

    She is very much aligned with the energy of Fire, the excitement of this season.

    She is a very elemental creature, connected powerfully with the earth and it’s swelling energy and magic.

    So how can we connect with this archetype of the Enchantress at this time of the year?

    You can join us for Morgan le Fey Mystery School!!! (Shameless plug!)

    Over one lunar cycle we explore Morgan le Fey in four of her most powerful aspects: Initiatrix (carrying the energy of the fire of the Spring Equinox), Queen, Sorceress and High Priestess.

    Morgan le Fey is the patron goddess of Witches, Shadowcraft, and Desire. We start on the 17th March: you can join us.

    You can spend as much time outside soaking up the re-awakening energy of the earth as possible.

    Make like a Wild Maiden, fondle all the new baby leaves, listen to the sweet songs of the birds and run free and barefoot on the cold grass.

    The Enchantress is a powerful elemental being, and connecting with the raw elements is one way we invoke her in ourselves.

    Read the book “The Earth Path” by Starhawk and let it blow your tiny mind.

    Engage in witchy practices for fun.

    Break out your favourite witchy books and PLAY. Try new stuff. Make some mistakes. Approach your spiritual practice and witchy shenanigans with a renewed lightness and sense of fun!

    Often we get rooted in the Witch Priestess and Sorceress, especially if we have been at this a while, and their energy can be somewhat sombre and mysterious. It’s time to take everything less seriously.

    You can keep your eyes open for my upcoming Enchantress retreat in Glastonbury Avalon, which will be two full days exploring the playful Enchantress archetype!

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    How do you resonate with the energy of the Enchantress?

    Do you feel her alive in the land at this time?

    How do you identify with this time of year as being a time of the Witches?



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    About the Author:

    Demi Fox is a modern day Morgan le Fey, a mermaid Priestess, a theatrical goddess and a Venusian pleasure seeker. By day she runs Rockstar Priestess, a website dedicated to badass women’s spirituality and Avalonian goodness, and works as one of the UK’s premier professional mermaids: by night she lights up stages across the lands as a magnetic dancer and award-winning burlesque seductress. She runs courses like Morgan le Fey Mystery School, a lunar initiation to the enchantress Morgan le Fey, and Be More Mermaid, her archetypal mermaid course, and bewitching retreats and rituals in the UK. Join her Mermaid Coven on Facebook, or sign up to her Email List for sexy presents and delicious love letters.


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