The Witch Knows How to Live in Two Places at a Time

    by Tau Tara

    This in between time when the seasons are shifting. When the sun slowly withdraws, to give way to the days when nights will be longer, also colder.

    When from the influence of the sun, we move towards getting influenced by the moon. When the veils are thin, the energies are coming intense, and I’m feeling especially sensitive.

    If I don’t attend to this sensitivity, if I don’t let what wants to come, come through from the cyclical realm of nature and life and consciousness, then I stand to slip into depression.

    I know the thing to do is to slow down, take care, be gentle, rest, pay attention and be the medium for life and spirit to come through.

    The energies are really strong this time. Sometimes I feel my pelvic and root vibrate when I speak.

    Sleep and digestion are affected.

    And my brain has gone bonkers.

    Im waking up at odd hours and writing because the downloads of words are like a torrential rain at the moment.

    I have already missed out on several writing prompts from the realms up and down and the everywhere because I couldn’t sit up straight in the intensity.

    Drumming and singing and going into the deep state helps. For a while.

    But the body takes the beat. And is unable to take care of its basic needs.

    I decide to take a nap in the afternoons and find myself getting knocked out and having Jungian range of dreams.

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    I don’t doubt my sanity anymore. I’ve passed that stage when I didn’t know what this was and why this was happening.

    Now I know. But knowing it is not enough. Especially when you are still learning, putting two and two together.

    The body is still dense when the spirit tries to soar.

    Keeping the two together when one, the feminine, begins to send her roots dig into the deep dark core of the earth and the other, the masculine, pulls to move upward toward light and expansion and the cosmos.

    It can hardly be easy on anyone let alone a bumbling apprentice witch.

    And I know with all this, travelling, especially from the forest where I live to the city is not a good idea.

    But the truth is, I have my needs, I miss people and I’m tired.

    In an ideal world an empath or a highly sensitive person would be understood for what they are, their nature be accepted as a gift and not be told to correct their ‘problem’.

    In an ideal situation, a healer would be able to practice their skill without struggling, a medium would be able to channel the energies with tremendous ease.

    A witch could be wise without having to develop a vice.

    An oracle could toss her wild curls and howl into the night and speak in strange tongues and bless the crowds.

    A shaman could call the spirits and hear of the worlds and sing it to the people.

    They would be held and helped by the medicine people and/or loved ones who would carry them when they collapsed after going into altered states.

    But we live in a world that is still remembering these ways of the spirit and soul. That thinks of altered states as states of mental illnesses. And fears it, hides it, suppresses it.

    And the healer, the oracle, the shaman, the empath, have to isolate themselves, take care of themselves while protecting all else.

    It’s hard enough to hold these energies when you are an oracle without wise elders or guides.

    And if you are in the habit of disowning yourself (like me) every now and then, for reasons ranging from loneliness and wanting acceptance to feeling lost and losing faith, it’s an added impediment.

    But please know, nevertheless that there is nothing wrong with you.

    When you don’t know who you are and what is going on, then this can get really confusing and as if you are losing your mind.

    Because thousands of years of lop-sided toxic views have made us to believe that the dark season is dangerous, bad, and a large party of demons getting drunk in your dreams.

    This last one could be true by the way.

    But it’s not the darkness itself that is bad or dangerous. It is our distancing from it that makes it difficult for us.

    Because by denying the dark, we have kept away from flowing back into ourselves. By fearing it, we have distanced ourselves from a part of our intimate self.

    But you are the daughter of Kali herself, returned to remember Her back into this world again.

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    She is your guide and your source and you knew this when you reincarnated.

    Knowing this, is the only way to sometimes hold faith and to yourself.

    It’s hard when you are constantly slipping into these states not out of your own volition.

    It’s not easy to take care of the basic needs when the soul returns after orbiting the cosmos into its animal body.

    And if this is you, gentle spectacular oracular soul, I’m here to remind you, that you are not crazy, you are not losing it.

    You are being asked to shed your coat, and unleash that witch you keep undercover. Say goodbye to your sweet maiden. You can meet her again next summer season.

    Kali is on the loose and asks that you walk with her, and let her teach you the ways of your deep soul.

    So remember, in this in between season, where we are in two places at the same time, that even as you ground yourself, to allow yourself to soar upwards.

    Even as you send your roots deep into the earth, also ask the protection from the violet flames to pour out from the skies.

    Close your eyes and sit in silence. And then, stomp your feet, dance that body and roar in your brilliance.

    Do some fasting and cleansing. And then some nourishing and relishing.

    Indulge. And then restrain.

    Let go and then hold tight.

    Listen, learn and speak, express.

    Be humble and stay proud.

    Work your dreams into a storm and then go knock yourself out by a sunny sea.

    Stir the pot. And let it sediment.


    Sweetly to the lord. And then tear your clothes and scream into a microphone like a wild urban goddess.

    Pray, chant and meditate.

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    Then dance, pleasure and eat.

    Dream, scry, envision, channel, receive.

    Then plan, will, forge ahead, take action, give.

    Be rock solid, and light as air.

    It’s the dual energies alive and flowing through you at once right now. Hold them in while learning to let them out.

    Most importantly, take care.

    Take care of your soul’s need to soar as much as the animal being’s need for home. And their common longing for love.

    From within and without.



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    About the Author:

    Tau Tara is a young budding witch, engaged with the healing process and learning about her witchy gifts which she is still discovering through the power of plants, sounds, body wisdom and soul connection. Tau is spring born on Indian soil, chirpy in the sun, but sharing a special relationship with violent storms. She loves digging up ancient secrets from the buried past, and buried truths from primal spaces. You can find and follow her adventures on Instagram.


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