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by Adnama Yenolam

There’s a disturbing trend happening among the witches and wizards of our time. Actually, it’s been happening for quite a while now…And it’s high time we kick in our magical abilities and kill this thing once and for all.

It rages like an infectious disease, contagious and usually caught at birth. It happens to all of us – no one is immune.

Let’s call it “Magical Denial Disorder.”

You see, there’s a propensity towards social denial of one’s magical-ness that runs rampant even in the most freethinking communities, and it’s infecting some of our most brilliant magical minds.

“I’m not a witch (or wizard),” I hear them say, with apathetic glare and distracting smile. I steel them with a challenging gaze.

They may say nothing in response to my noticing that they are, in fact, powerful, world-creating luminous geniuses with the potential to have anything they want.

Deep down, they know it inside, but some are more jaded than others.

They’ll look at me with a wary eye and a sheepish smile, knowing they’ve been found out but often still unwilling to admit it to me or themselves. My gaze will grow colder, more advancing.

I see them as an enemy to the magical revolution, and I begin to plot their demise or liberation, they will choose. I feel like they are dead…and then I remember that they are afraid.

They are conditioned; buying into a belief structure that says they cannot be that big, that luminous, or that powerful.

That says they must submit to the identity they were programmed with upon birth, never or rarely questioning about how one shows up in the world determines their ultimate reality.

MagIdent1Image Source

The denial of witches and wizards has got me stewing.

I watch these folks rampantly and destructively disrupt their own creative magic in favor of appearing humble, sane and reasonable.

The joke is that the most sane, humble and reasonable creature would in fact completely own up to the fact that they are creating their reality.

When faced with this jaded version of being pragmatic and realistic, I get soooooo mad.

And then I remember something far more interesting.

The groundbreaking, illusion-shattering realization that I come to is that their denial and resistance to owning their magical identity is a perfect reflection of my own unwillingness to fully show up in all my witchy iridescence, power and fabulousness.

It’s a total clear mirror to how I’ve been keeping myself down by holding on to muggle beliefs about myself that don’t serve me. (Did they ever?)

I’ve been outed…by my own soul.

So therein comes the work of ultimately identifying and killing the beliefs about myself – my badass, magical self – that just plain aren’t true.

Is the self I’ve been projecting to the world an accurate representation of my true self?

Or is it a watered-down, cheapened, half-baked version of who I am?

Am I still pining for others’ approval?
Because I am…a brilliant, influential, creative magician. I am magnificient.

MagIdent2Image Source

But I’ve believed an insidious lie.

In reverse to the phenomena I’ve witnessed with my fellow witches (which so often is how it works with magical illuminations), I’ve been trying to convince myself and others of how awesome I am, instead of just being awesome.

I’ve been trying to prove my magicalness to the world and finding myself falling short and disappointing my own expectations of what a person “should be.”

It is in the trying, in the avoidance, in the blocking and resistance that we lose our magical abilities.

We only become blocked when we try to control the situation because we either don’t think we can have what we want, or we think we need to prevent something bad from happening.

It’s time for some radical magic.

As much as I love fighting demons, this particular instance is going to require a rather subtle approach.

I’ve got to really own up to my identity as a magical  being…and accept myself from as a witch from the inside out.

MagIdent3Image Source

I’ve got to work hard to use my magic on a daily basis to free prisoners, eradicate suffering and eliminate harm.

I’ve got to own up to the fact that I am a witch and can cause serious damage when I am not aligned with my magical ability to impact others.

I’ve got to attend to the voice of my own soul and – Goddess-bless-it – let it have what it wants!

I’ve got to admit where I am powerless and do the work to take my power back where I am weak.

I’ve got to love that fact that I am a hungry, cunning, seductive and stubborn creature with a craving for power, prestige and magnificient wealth.

And this, my fellow witches and wizards…is how we’re gonna rock the free world to the core.



About the Author:

AdnamaBioAdnama Yenolam writes, crafts reiki-infused glitter art, and hosts monthly Raw Cacao Parties to instill people with a sense of deep enchantment. Adnama is the writer of a book called The Tao of the Brokenhearted. She is a student of many crafts including performance art, herbalism, massage and alchemy.
Adnama has plans to become world-famous and super-catalyze the collective planetary shift. If you want to read more from her, check out her website, GeniusInTheLivingroom.


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  • nikkiana

    This is what I needed to hear today. Thank you.

  • vedina

    Great article Adnama. Thanks for sharing it. I can so relate!

  • Raluca-Mirela Pasareanu

    I do dare, for the Admision of Spiritual inOrder.

    As long as my mana permits and you keep your honorable way, I will FOLLOW You.

    We hope for pure love!

  • SL Eris

    Mad? You get mad at a person who languished in jail, life ruined and a mental illness diagnosis? You get mad at someone whose magick led them to complete isolation after a mania so intense everything in its path transformed by that fire? You get mad at someone cut off from every family member alone in a city far from anything resembling home? Mad? You get mad?

    OK. Get mad.

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