by Francesca Marini

    In this modern age of information overload, opinions abound on what we all need to be doing for health, self-improvement, and general living.

    However, blindly following the latest health and wellness fads is not the witchy way. Rather, here are four simple and potent keys to radical wellness, witch style – complete with musical accompaniment.

    1. Witches do not accept dietary dogma.

    Witches know they do not need to be strictly vegan or paleo or only eat superfoods or never eat carbs. We may drink coffee and/or alcohol, and likely (gasp!) eat refined flour and sugar from time to time.

    Trying to follow rigid rules causes unnecessary stress. Stress leads to inflammation and inflammation is the root of disease. Exactly not the point of said rigid rules, no?

    Witches know that nutrition and nourishment is highly individual.

    Rather than trying to fit into dietary boxes created by others, we learn instead through awareness of the healing or harming effects of foods on our own particular constitutions (and of course, with the help of qualified professionals if need be).

    We explore conscious consumption, question food systems, and reconnect to ancestral knowledge and legends around food cycles and cooking.

    2. Witches do not cleanse.

    Alright, full disclosure: witches are not anti-cleanse as much as we are pro-nourishment.

    Susun Weed explains this concept simply and beautifully in Healing Wise, (a must read on natural health for any witch!) Our magical bodies come with built-in systems of detoxification.

    When we support these systems with optimal nourishment, hydration, and movement, efficient detoxing happens naturally.

    The more we nourish ourselves with nutrient-dense foods and herbal teas, drink clean water, get our booties moving and remember to breathe — the more effectively our inner garbage disposals can operate.

    Witches live by the 80/20 concept – if 80% of the time we power ourselves with the nutritional equivalent of unleaded premium, then 20% of the time we can run just fine on the cheap stuff without issues (aka sit around drinking wine and eating pastries).

    And for the times that those numbers start to invert – no drastic measures need be taken: breathe, move, nourish, rest. Repeat.

    3. Witches do not deny their bad selves.

    Witches know there is a difference between self-discipline and self-denial.

    Even if we sometimes we play fast and loose with our boundaries in the search for a hard line between the two, we understand that confusing denial for discipline leads to listlessness at best and addictive patterns at worst.

    We know we are on this planet to figure shit out and may tend towards losing ourselves in our work from time to time.

    However, we also know on a cellular level that the human body is more than just a vehicle for a brain and refuse to give up creativity and pleasure in the name of work.

    Witches make time to move and play and create and explore our needs for pleasure and connection because we know that spiritual nourishment is a necessary part of physical wellness.


    Witches embrace the power of trouble making.

    Witches are just fine without having everything figured out. We are okay with the fact that perfection is illusion (or getting there), and get down with feelings of shame, guilt, and anger because we know them to be powerful teachers.

    Confronting emotions that feel ugly and controlling allows the negative charge to chip away and reminds us that we are powerful alchemists of experience.

    Even though witches see such shadow work as a necessary part of emotional health and magical evolution, we also know that it doesn’t have to be serious.

    We dive headfirst into provocative situations to see what unravels – and have a little fun. In other words, bad witches regularly get into trouble in the name of self-knowledge, personal growth, and pleasure.

    The essence of witch wellness is this:

    Honor yourself as the expert of your unique experience in this world and make your own rules. Work exclusively with healthcare professionals who support you for the bad witch you are, and like every other aspect of witchy living – give zero fucks about the rest.



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    About the Author:

    FraBioFrancesca Marini is a coach, yoga teacher, and doula devoted to exploring and sharing the path of radical wellness through the study of movement, plants, breath and energy. Connect with her at stregawellness.com!





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    • Jinnie

      Thank you for sharing this peace…A.K.A. “Bad Witch”

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