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    The Queen turned crimson with fury,

    And, after glaring at her for a moment

    Like a wild beast, began screaming,

    ‘Off with her head!'”

    Lewis Carroll

    Nobody likes an angry woman. Nobody is happy when Momma is not happy.

    Since I was little, I have had judgement on the outward angry female, vowing to fulfill my life and not end up down that alley way.

    I sincerely every other woman never dreamed of ending up there themselves.

    There is no better revenge than walking in the shoes you once frowned upon.

    You don’t just arrive in that alley overnight.

    It takes detailed and intricate passageways for one to receive just the right type of mosaic experiences that are custom made to your core wounds and challenge your integrity and values.

    When a woman of a certain age’s  boundary is violated once again, there comes a point when everything feels taken away.

    Nothing is sacred, and that there is nothing left to lose. An energy of “FINE – take it all” is replaced by any leftover patience and hope.

    When she is not heard or acknowledged for the nth time, and her pitch of screaming hits a plateau and still goes unheard, the unhooking begins.

    Hulk not think. HULK SMASH!”  –Incredible Hulk

    Slowly, the courage to be a ‘woman who does not give a f*ck’ blossoms, not looking for approval anymore, not caring whether someone hears her raised voice and outrage – almost, the more that can hear it, the better, this loud cry and billboard of outrage.

    Anger: it needs to be heard! THAT woman NEEDS to be heard to heal!

    It comes over so many layers of unheard, that those unwanted cells turn to pain in the body, turn to fibromyalgia, to cancer, to burned out adrenal glands.

    Man can not tame which God has created to be wild” –recent Bible quote in a movie

    We need to find a space in our society where the woman is safe to rage, to have an outlet to express.

    Where there is the ample, empathetic support to know there is dire sadness under the anger that was overlooked.

    The bitterness and resentment that took over and now is shaping our reality. Let us not turn it inwards.

    When our stories are told and received, anyone can resonate with being in our shoes and the compassion overtakes the judgment.

    When we release and shed our tears in a safe space, feeling heard and met, we experience connection and that our feelings are valid. This allows us to heal.

    Next time you see an angry woman, send her love, ask her what is wrong and offer her a hug.  She will be so thankful.

    It looked good natured, she thought;

    Still, it had very long claws

    And a great many teeth,

    So she felt it ought to be

    Treated with respect” – Lewis Carroll

    Indeed this unwelcomed anger deserves our own respect.

    This type of respect comes from the acceptance of our choices, the acceptance of our feelings and the acceptance of our outward expression.

    Once we begin there, we can take the next step to self-forgiveness.


    The energy of forgiveness helps you find the strength. To forgive yourself for whatever judgements you impose upon yourself.  Forgive yourself, because you always act based on the knowledge you have at a certain moment in time.  You can do no wrong.  Forgiveness shows you that there is nothing to forgive.” –Janosh

    Once we can truly achieve that, the charge toward the perpetrators involved begin to dissolve in time, as a side effect.

    You have learned the lesson and become a more discerning human being as a result.

    What we are left with after such a journey is beauty.

    The beauty of the strength and perseverance, that only we could truly give ourselves. The appreciation for those who stood beside us and for those who abandoned us.

    Anger is a fire that makes us stronger, more refined, more wise, as long as we don’t define ourselves with the pain of and focus on victimhood.

    As long as we are angry, we are still victims.

    Use this as your measure and keep giving out the compassion to yourself and others, like you would to a small wounded child.

    Respect your process and be patient, then you can emerge as the finest Grace, your version of one of the Mary’s, with only grace and equanimity at the core.


    The energy of emergence helps you leave your cocoon for good, without feelings of doubt and insecurity, so that you can spread your wings and show who you really are.” –Janosh

    About the Author:

    Veruschka Normandeau is a healing arts coach, photographer and inspiritress of Gypsyrosechariot, a hub for the inquisitive soul to be empowered via psycho-spiritual programs, offering energy medicine tools to assist with heart courage to uncover your unique embodiment of your true nature. She is a self-love activist and intuitive magic dealer and has been guiding people and upgrading lives since 2007. Serving your inner beauty and embracing the paradox of life. Check her out at and


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