The Dark Key to Your Liberation

    by Renée Damoiselle

    Is the Dark Goddess calling you?

    She is reaching out to our society BIG-Time right now and you may be feeling her pull for your own evolution as well.

    Dark Goddesses like Lilith, with her demand for equality and Kali, with her “In-Your-Face” Truth are becoming more popular.

    I believe they’re reaching out to many of us because the time has come to return the Divine Feminine to its rightful place of honor in our society.

    And since there appears to be so much patriarchal resistance to that idea, the ferocity, strength and cunning of the DARK Goddess is much needed.

    … And the more of us who embody her energies, the better!

    How can you tell if she is calling to you?

    Are you finding yourself living on auto-pilot? Just going through your routines, but feeling quite restless about it?

    Are you noticing some of your own darker traits bubbling to the surface? Anger, procrastination, impatience, jealousy, judgement, lust?

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    A deep wildness that seems like it might take over and destroy your life? It could! (But maybe, just maybe, the destruction of your current life is necessary to make way for the new!)

    Is there a nagging feeling in you that you are not honoring ALL of the depths of your being?

    Those bits of darkness can be frightening.

    Uncovering and learning to embrace the parts of ourselves that society and even our own egos would shun is an endeavor that calls to mind old wounds. ANCIENT WOUNDS. Ancestral wrongs!

    The idea of being fully yourself in all your dark feminine power is too much for some.

    Because our DNA holds memories of being burned at the stake, tortured to elicit false confessions, drowned, hung, and banished!

    In our very DNA there are memories of being labeled a demon, not fit for society, obliterated, annihilated.

    I totally understand the fear and resistance to deep Dark Goddess Shadow Work, integrating those dark forces with your whole being.

    Yes, I’m talking about Shadow Work, I’m talking about harnessing the power of the darkest parts of your psyche for liberation and alchemical transformation!

    Lead to gold, baby!

    The work, itself, is intensely emotional. There are moments when it threatens to crush you! The caterpillar must be liquified before the butterfly can emerge.

    I can understand your hesitation.

    Shadow integration is an enormous undertaking.

    I wouldn’t want anyone to embark on this journey lightly. Make no mistake. It will change you.

    It will mine your depths and uncover old (maybe ancient) wounds.

    But know that the Dark Goddess is not without compassion.

    She will cradle and LOVE you while you weep and rage and struggle, She, who loves so fiercely that She is willing to bring you to the brink of destruction to show you the infinite, magickal power of your whole integrated self.

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    Then, light and healing and wholeness (holy-ness) will take over.

    In the place of all of that fear, hurt, anger and confusion will become wisdom, a knowing and a serene confidence, an unshakeable strength.

    What I’m saying is, it’s worth it.  Heed the call of the Dark Goddess.  She is watching and sees your amazing potential.

    She invades your hopes and dreams with ideas, desires and goals that seem impossible.  She knows that they are possible for you. And that’s why she calls.

    She seeks those of us who can channel her terrible and beautiful energy into this world.

    Do you hear Her?  If you’ve read this far, something is calling you!

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    About the Author:

    WarpWeftBioRenée Damoiselle is a Worldly Wise Crone Witch with personal ties to warrior deities. Her “raised eyebrow” style of Truth-Telling enables her clients to face the realities of their challenges and triumphs with confidence and humor (each when necessary). Renée is the Author of the forthcoming book from Red Wheel Weiser publishers entitled, Storytelling Alchemy – Write Your Own Happy Ending.  She offers divination and coaching combining Cartomancy, Reiki, Skrying, Mediumship and a healthy dose of good old common sense. She also offers many workshops and talks, and facilitates the GODDESS DIVINE retreat. Friend her on Facebook.
    Check out this site for all the details on Renee’s Retreats!
    For more about Renée, read her blog.


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