I have chosen a less traditional life path in the sense that I have multiple jobs and don’t wake up and go to the same job every day.

    This keeps things interesting and also feels very unstable at times- it is not easy to balance.

    But I keep needing to remind myself over and over again that I actually do just have one job- and that is to hold space for transitions.

    Whether I’m teaching yoga or helping a mother give birth to her child, I’m helping in bringing the unseen into the seen. I’m just a helper in lifting up the veil between worlds.

    So as I work very fluidly between the physical world and spirit world I receive some downloads about what is real and what isn’t real.

    An amazing teacher gave the advice recently “be more like energy and less like matter”.

    Especially living in these times, where information moves at the speed of the internet, I feel this is more important than ever.

    If we try to ground and solidify ourselves in this reality too much- we’re just going to be knocked off of our feet when the ground beneath us starts to shift.

    Like I tell mothers in labor- stay on top of the energy.

    Yogi Bhajan says “You can either be above the energy of your life and ride it or you can be below the energy and it rides you.” The only way to be in control is to surrender to it- paradoxical don’t you think?

    So it’s very important to stop labeling ourselves and putting ourselves in boxes and categories.

    Don’t label yourself by your career or job because that can change. Don’t label yourself by your relationship(s) because that can change. So actually no labels at all, ever, because it all can change.

    And the less attached you are to being something, the easier it will be to shift when the time comes.

    This takes a lot of work when we live in a society where you meet someone and they want to know what you do and all small talk is based upon putting ourselves in neat boxes.

    We also really limit ourselves when we label and we do it in subtle ways.

    I’ve always labeled myself as “bad with technology”, so therefore I am.

    Sometimes I let that go and then find myself updating my website and just figuring it all out.

    How do you limit yourself financially? If you see yourself as broke, you create that. What kind of energy does a billionaire carry? Can you tap into that?

    We pay for everything these days with plastic cards and now you just literally hold it up to a device and money (energy) is moved. Can we hop on that wavelength since like money, we are energy?

    Be more like energy and less like matter and see how quickly something can materialize.

    It all starts with a thought.

    To be detached is not to be apathetic, so I’m not saying we should be floaty spirit-butterflies without a care in the world because really I’m not that lofty.

    You can live in each moment with so much presence and feel the whole spectrum of emotions- but can you know deep within yourself that none of it is permanent?

    It is empowering to understand that everything begins within you and that the veil between seen and unseen, life and death, unborn and born- is really quite thin.

    If you take a step back you’ll see we’re all just ebbing and flowing in and out of these two worlds- nothing to be scared of if you can let go of who you think you are.

    Be playful with this spirit energy and see what kind of magic you can create.



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    About the Author:

    DaniBioDani Katz is a yoga teacher and birth doula. In all her work, she is facilitating the process of transitioning of souls from the unseen into the seen. She is a helper in lifting up the veil between worlds. You can check her out on Facebook and on her website,



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