The Mundane Magic of Thread

    by Quinn K. Dyer

    Spinning, weaving, sewing and working with thread has been a mundane household task for women since the dawn of time. But hidden in these innocuous tasks is vast potential for meditation and magical works. Knot magic is wonderful for the beginner witch. The materials are easy to gather and the premise is simple: to bind your intention to the thread.

    Knot magic can be used to create everything from handmade books to alter cloths to flower crowns to jewelry to dreamcatchers. Different color threads are used for different intentions; the possibilities are endless!

    Knot magic allows you to focus and concentrate your energy into the physical realm by creating a physical manifestation of your wants.

    As your hands fixate on the repetitive task your mind can focus on the intentions you wish to incorporate into your spell. Your energy is directed into the tying of each of the knots, binding your power into the cord.

    Any amount of time and energy can be spent from just a few minutes for a simple braid to many days on a complex weaving.

    It all depends on your intentions.

    A quick spell can be a simple knot while knitting, crocheting, or weaving can be used for larger works.

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    You can use any sort of cordage: rope, thread, yarn, wire, or ribbon. Even hair or scraps of old cloth cut into strips will do!

    My personal favorite is embroidery thread which is readily available in many different colors. Long grasses and flower stems are easily incorporated into this work as well. Try using rosemary or sweetgrass.

    Knot magic can easily be cut, burned, or untied to release the energies back into the universe. Undo the knot and undo the spell.



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    About the Author:

    Quinn K. Dyer is a native of Philadelphia, born under Gemini, a witch and a wanderer. She currently spends her time writing and creating art. Check out her website and Instagram


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