How to Use Magic to Make Better Art

    How many reviews have you read for books, shows, arts that describes it as ...

    A Simple Spell for Extraordinary Sex & Self-Pleasure

    The next time you self-pleasure or make love, try this simple energy clearing and ...

    Green Witch Diaries: Dandelion

    This little plant holds the power of intentional and incremental transformation.

    Green Witch Diaries: Lemon Balm

    Try timing the making of the mixture with the full moon for extra ooomph!

    How to give the finger to anyone and influence people – with your magick

    That means thinking your own thoughts, drawing your own conclusions, making your own rules, ...

    Green Witch Diaries: Yarrow

    ... has been in use for over 60,000 years. Magickally, the plant offers powerful ...

    Red Moon or White Moon? – Different Kinds Of Lunar Cycles

    Information we find in books or online is not definitive. We must learn to ...

    Green Witch Diaries: Thyme

    Thyme is hard to start from seed and the sprouts are also very fragile.

    How to Work with Venus for Money magic

    Venus softens our fear and resistance to our money issues, and tames huge, terrifying ...

    3 Tips For Casting Witchy New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

    Well, a New Year's resolution is a bit like choosing the intention for a ...

    Green Witch Diaries: Sunflower

    Let all the bad vibes get sucked down the drain.

    Magick for the Trump Era: Help Defeat Fascism Without F***ing Up Your Karma

    It has been called opposition, civil disobedience, and many other terms.

    Green Witch Diaries: Garlic

    Garlic is often used for invoking healing, courage, and strength.

    How Magic brought me to the truth: I am a Witch

    by Valerie Kausen I was watching a year-old recording of a live class a ...

    The Key to making Magick work

    How can we integrate our personalities, perform Service, and strengthen our Magick?

    How to Neutralize Haterade: An Alchemical Procedudure

    The key here is that you don’t get reactive and feel you need to ...

    The 12 Steps: Witches Rehab

    Containing all the possibilities, I am the potent elixir in the spell of life.

    I am a Witch – a personal journey

    Stand tall and howl ‘Witch’ to the stars and trust the Universe to hold ...

    The Waxing Moon Energy and Ostara

    Doorways are being opened, and now is an excellent time for decision making.

    How to Design Your Logo as a Powerful Magical Spell

    Make no doubt about it: your logo is a magical spell.

    Magic for When You’re Not Sure What You Want

    You know that feeling when you’re mostly quite content, yet you know there’s “something ...

    How to Release Your Pain with Burning Magic

    With burning magic in particular, the burning process can be used to symbolize death ...

    The Mundane Magic of Thread

    As your hands fixate on the repetitive task your mind can focus on the ...

    THE EROTIC WITCH: Captain Save-a-Bro and the Ills of Sex Magick

    I sent it for innocuous purposes (like when I thought that maybe someone could ...

    5 Keys to Understanding the Conspiracy Against Magic

    The hard, practical world (of corporations and governments and cash) runs entirely on magic.


    Ok, so you’ve decided to do a spell. Let’s get down and dirty with ...

    IT’S YOU – An Evil Love Spell Poem

    Just listen to what I say dear and do the things I choose.


    What’s ‘Witch’ at best? Test: Internal magic, made manifest.

    ASK A SEX WITCH – sex magick spell to support Standing Rock (NSFW)

    As you move throughout your days following this spell, hold the values of the ...

    ASK A SEX WITCH – sex magick spell to help ask for a raise (NSFW)

    This is a vulnerable position to be in, and finding pleasure here will directly ...


    The fact is, that any Magick I performed around this conscious desire would be ...

    A WITCH’S GUIDE TO GHOSTING: A Spell for When Your Lover Disappears

    Getting ghosts back is not the way it’s supposed to work. The point is ...


    Acknowledge your position in the world and enjoy the process. And never waste your ...


    Maybe finally writing this public confession is the first step to acknowledgement and acceptance.

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