by Quinn K. Dyer


    Want to start your very own witchy garden next spring?

    Here are nine easy to grow herbs that do well in any sized garden. Even a window!

    1. Basil.

    It grows well in pots and loves the sun. You can use the leaves dried or fresh. And it’s absolutely delicious in the kitchen. Great for spells to bring happiness, love and luck. Use with only with good intentions.

    2. Sage.

    Likes the sun and sandy soil. It grows well in pots and can be grown indoors in a sunny window. Doesn’t mind a dry climate. White sage, the traditional variety used by Native Americans is over picked in the wild and difficult to grow outside the American southwest. So, if you can grow it yourself DO IT! If not consider substituting garden sage which is less picky and more abundant. Used for wisdom and protection, very often in the form of a smudge stick, an essential tool for any witch.

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    3. Mugwort.

    It’s nearly impossible to kill and will, in fact, spread like a weed. Great in pots because it is invasive. If you aren’t careful it can take over your garden! Needs lots of sun and drier soil. Flowers bloom from July to september and should be dried. Use the leaves in a tea or burn for divination purposes. It’s known to bring on lucid dreams!

    4. Garlic.

    Also known as stinkweed. Grow in well drained soil in full or partial sun. Plant in fall, let it grow a year, and harvest in June. Wonderfully delicious and a natural anti-inflammatory. It can be used for invoking courage and strength. Also very potent in supercharging protection spells. GTFO bad juju.

    5. Comfrey.

    Also known as bruisewort. Likes a lot of water and full sun, but not excessive heat. Plant it in shade in hotter climates. A great cold hardy plant (to negative 40). Be careful though. This guy can reach up to 5ft and needs room to grow! Use for spells that involve letting go or healing. It makes a great topical treatment for skin irritations, cuts, and abrasions of all sorts. It actually stimulates cell growth and aids with healing.

    6. Lavender.

    Loves the sun, but needs space to grow. It can do well in containers. It’s super fragrant flowers are great for attracting bees. Lavender blooms all summer into fall, although the best time to harvest blooms are when the buds just begin to open. Aids in sleep and is the perfect addition to a bath or a meditation ritual. Very calming and relaxing. Lavender also makes quite a delicious addition in baking!

    7. Chamomile.

    Does well in partial sun or shade. Certain varieties can grow quite large (up to 2 ft), but it does well in containers. It’s healing properties aren’t just for witches either! Plant near other struggling plants to help them perk up. A cup of chamomile tea can help a stomach ache and reduce anxiety. It promotes peace and tranquility. Sprinkle leaves in a bath or use as incense for meditation.

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    8. Rosemary.

    Loves the sun. Does well in containers though in can grow up to 5 feet tall if not often pruned. Rosemary is a good companion to grow with sage and for use in smudging. It also dries beautifully in bunches and makes for some lovely witchy decor. It is traditionally woven into wreaths for weddings or during the Yuletide with other evergreens. Rose mary is known to stimulate the memory. Try using as a bookmark or underneath your pillow.

    9. Yarrow.

    Also known as bloodwort. It tolerates most growing conditions, but prefers to be dry. Very hardy and drought resistant, it can be grown in pots and is easy to transplant. It can often be found growing in the wild and is great at attracting bees. Yarrow is traditionally harvested Midsummer’s day for magical use. Dry the flower heads for use in divination and love spells. Combine mugwort and yarrow for a potent aid to divination, either as a tea or incense.



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    About the Author:

    Quinn K. Dyer is a native of Philadelphia, born under Gemini, a witch and a wanderer. She currently spends her time writing and creating art. Check out her website and Instagram


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