by Jane Sandwood

    The world is full of amazing, magical people and maybe you are one of them. If so, you will understand the intense energy that surrounds a true psychic.

    Psychics are an important part of society, proving comfort and knowledge to the vulnerable.

    Unfortunately, there are scam artists who take advantage of this vulnerability.

    They will trick you, not just out of your money, but your dignity as well.

    Learn the following tips to help you spot a psychic a mile off and avoid their scams.

    They Offer Vague Advice

    A true psychic will be able to give you information that proves their legitimacy. Look out for Barnum statements, which seem accurate but upon further inspection can be applied to almost anyone.

    For instance, statements such as “You have a great need for others to like you”.

    If this is combined with other accurate information, then you can be sure you’re dealing with a real psychic.

    On it’s own though, it is a vague statement that merely expresses the human condition.

    Also look out for statements which are saying opposing things at once.

    For example if a psychic says, “you really come out of your shell when in the company of good friends, but sometimes you just wish to have time to yourself”.

    This can be reworded as “you have an extroverted side and an introverted side”, cancelling each other out.

    The supposed psychic is trying to cover all bases so that you cannot say they were wrong.

    You are probably more psychic than you realize and so you can use your own intuition to determine if something is not right.

    If you know yourself to be extremely introverted and thoughtful, then a true psychic will be able to express this in a detailed, non-fuzzy way.

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    They Use Typical Scam Techniques

    There are many well known psychic scams that should set off your alarm bells. This is especially true on the internet.

    Email scams have been around almost as long as email itself and fake psychics have taken to using this medium as well.

    The internet is a great resource for connecting you to the most gifted psychics worldwide. However, before you pay for an online service, do some digging to see if the service is legitimate.

    Can you find any genuine positive reviews? Don’t just trust the reviews on the website as these could be fabricated.

    If you receive an unsolicited email, check the content for vagueness. A real psychic would be able to provide information that can only apply to you.

    Another common scam is a healing scam.

    There are real practitioners of acupuncture and reflexology who will be able to alleviate some physical pain with their gifts. They will not, however, claim to be able to cure you 100%.

    If someone makes an outrageous claim like this, then you know that they are not genuine.

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    They Offer Services at the Wrong Price

    A genuine psychic received their gift through life experience. They then nurtured this ability through years of training. As a result, they will know how much their services are worth.

    Any psychic offering their services for free is not genuine, since they need to be able to earn a living.

    Free psychic readings will usually be used as a hook to draw you in emotionally and then request extra payment to reveal more information. A genuine psychic does not need to use cheap tricks like this.

    At the other end of the spectrum are psychics who sell their services for an extortionate amount.

    Genuine psychics are not there to make a lot of money from vulnerable people, but to provide support for them. For this reason, psychic readings and healings are always reasonably priced.

    A fraudulent psychic can be immediately outed if you know what you are looking for.

    Treat a psychic like any other service provider and don’t let your emotional needs cloud your judgement. They should be reputable and offer a clear, concise reading at a reasonable price.



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    About the Author:

    Jane Sandwood is a professional freelance writer with over 10 years’ experience across many fields. Jane has a particular interest in issues relating to spiritual health and wellbeing.

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