by Adam Durnham

    There are millions of people who have some sort of mental illness. The illnesses may be anxiety, depression, PTSD, an eating disorder, or something completely different.

    People treat these illnesses in different ways. While there are many prescription drugs that help manage mental illness, the drugs may be addictive.

    To fight addictions, some people may need a holistic recovery rehab to help them overcome their addiction to drugs.

    They may also consider other ways to treat their condition. In fact, being a witch may assist them.

    There are some magical ways that being a witch may help with your mental illness. If you are willing to consider these possibilities, keep reading.

    1. Acknowledging Each Day

    Being a witch means acknowledging each and every day in front of you and showing appreciation.

    When you say thank you to each day, the day may not seem as daunting.

    Acknowledging the day may also help you reduce your anxiety, depression, and stress levels as well.

    Each day is special. This is something many witches take to heart. You can as well.

    2. Meditating

    If you meditate for at least ten minutes every day, you may be able to get out of your own head and be more aware of everything that is going on around you.

    In many forms of witchcraft, meditation is a big part of the practices.

    There are many different meditation techniques you may use.

    It is all about breathing, paying attention to the current moment, and presenting yourself in certain ways.

    Consider using meditation to enhance your life.

    3. Channeling Energy into Your Food and Water

    Another part of witchcraft is channeling your positive energy into your food and water.

    By doing this, you will be ingesting positive vibes and better energy.

    Positivity is one key to managing and even treating many mental health symptoms.

    There are many positive chants and practices you may use to channel your energy into the food and water you consume.

    4. Drawing Tarot Cards Daily

    In many forms of witchcraft, tarot cards are a big part of the practice.

    Consider drawing a tarot card daily to see how it may relate to your day.

    If you know more about your day, you may reduce stress related to the unknown.

    5. Journaling

    Many people who struggle with mental illnesses find journaling beneficial.

    Journaling may be a large part of your witchcraft practice as well. There are many types of journals and books you may keep.

    Witches often use specific ones, but you may choose the types that work the best for you.

    6. Using Crystals

    Using crystals is another component of witchcraft. There are many different types of crystals and ways to use them.

    In fact, each form of witchcraft has different ways to use crystals.

    If you have a mental illness, you may use crystals to help heal the negative energy inside of you.

    7. Planting Herbs

    Nature may also assist you with your mental health, since many herbs are relaxing.

    Herbs are also a major part of some forms of witchcraft.

    People plant lavender, passion flower, chamomile, and other herbs to heal their negative auras.

    8. Chanting Protection Charms

    Many protection charms are part of various forms of witchcraft as well.

    If you have a mental health condition, you may not feel safe. You may constantly feel on edge and anxious.

    By chanting protection charms, you may give yourself the feeling of safety that you so greatly desire.

    9. Spending Time Outside at Night

    Surrounding yourself with darkness, especially when the stars are out, is a great way to use witchcraft to help heal your inner being.

    Mental health illnesses may be frustrating and are sometimes difficult to manage.

    When you stand outside at night, with the stars shining above, there is something magical about the feeling you experience.

    It may help to relieve stress almost instantaneously.

    10. Incoporating Essential Oils in Your Rituals

    Essential oils are a great way to relieve anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, and other negative feelings.

    You may also use them in your rituals.

    This way, while you are practicing your witchcraft, you are also helping to improve the state of your mental health as well.

    Some of the best essential oils to use include rose, chamomile, sandalwood, clary sage, and frankincense.

    If you do not have these essential oils already, now is the time to consider using them.

    The above list includes ten magical ways that being a witch may help with mental illness.

    With all the different forms of mental illness, these are some things that may help to manage the symptoms without the use of medication.

    Despite the benefits of such suggestions, you will still want to talk to your doctor before stopping any medications or making any major changes to your mental health treatment regime.

    Decide which of these techniques work the best for you and consider using them to help manage your mental illness.

    They may help you become a healthier, happier you.



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    About the Author:

    Adam Durnham is a freelance blogger that specializes in mental health and wellness. He currently resides in Detroit, Michigan with magical dog Beignet.


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