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Is Your New Age Practice Really Promoting Oppression and Meritocracy?

Here are a few of the messages from New Age gurus that perpetuate oppression.

The Dangers of Censorship: Witch Hunts, Patriarchy and the Big Bad Nipple

Perhaps it is time for women to show the patriarchy in all its forms, ...

Magick for the Trump Era: Help Defeat Fascism Without F***ing Up Your Karma

It has been called opposition, civil disobedience, and many other terms.

Honoring the Divine in Each Other… Just in Time for Beltane

Like the ribbons woven around a maypole, perhaps we will come closer to weaving ...

Ignite Your Power with the Queen of Swords

Although the Queen of Swords within represents the active, passionate vital force, her energy ...

Codependency by another Name: The New Age-ifying of Relationships

And when they don’t become the person we want them to be, we feel ...

MANIFEST LIKE A QUEEN -Stop Daydreaming and Start Creating

By drawing on each of these channels, we create an empowering circuit of creative ...