MANIFEST LIKE A QUEEN -Stop Daydreaming and Start Creating

    by Angela Kaufman

    Attraction, manifestation and creation have become popular terms. More modern people are waking up to the multitude of resources beyond the mundane world.

    Metaphysical tools such as visualization are becoming mainstream practices.

    More than a tool for divination, Tarot can also be used to power up manifestation practices by helping us connect to the archetypal energies represented in this system.

    Here is an easy guide to empower your manifestation practice by calling on the four channels of elemental power within, personified by the four Tarot Queens.

    Each Queen rules an aspect of personality, personal energy, nature and life experience.

    We often emphasize the power of one to the exclusion of the others. Perhaps we are more comfortable with visualization but not action or vice versa.

    We can supercharge our ritual work and personal growth by knowing how to harness and balance each of these unique and powerful energies.

    Queen of Wands- Your Innate Power of Vision

    Did you create a Vision Board to kickstart the year?

    If so, you were working with your inner Queen of Wands energy. Her power is that of the mind, creativity and expression.

    When thoughts guide our energy and intention, when we think outside the box and use creative channels to broaden our awareness and expand possibilities, we are working with the Queen of Wands energy within ourselves.

    Anything we wish to manifest must begin here.

    The initial seed is the thought, the vision and the belief. Without these components we can go no further. Manifestation requires faith and belief in a vision even if you don’t know how that vision will transpire.

    Also, a common mistake is to only feed energy into the power of the mind.

    We may, in that case, visualize, use affirmations, and think happy thoughts and go no further. This also limits the potential of allowing the full manifestation process to take place.

    We need to blend the energy of the Queen of Wands, with that of the Queen of Swords.

    Queen of Swords- Your Will to Act

    This Queen represents action, passion and focus.

    It is not enough to chant and visualize without taking reasonable regular action toward our goals. Manifestation also requires will, otherwise we are not manifesting, we are passively daydreaming.

    Sometimes a daydream prepares us for a potential reality, showing us a seed requiring further nurturing.

    Yet if you want to create a garden, carelessly throwing seeds onto the ground may bring some results but not surprisingly, the results will be haphazard.

    We work with the Queen of Swords when we actively engage our energy in the process of manifestation.

    We act as if, we become energized and motivated and we challenge ourselves to stretch outside our comfort zone.

    Common pitfalls when working with this energy is the tendency to try to dominate the process. To help us remain open to receiving guidance along the way we must also work with the Queen of Cups.

    Queen of Cups- Your Power to Nurture and Receive

    The Queen of Cups is the nurturing mother energy within us all.

    This energy gives us the ability to balance our fiery motivation with nurturing, compassionate, receptive energy. The Queen of Cups rules intuition and helps us receive clues along the path.

    Her energy could be compared to the water that feeds the seeds we have planted.

    She also rules relationships and helps us make the connections in our community that aid us in manifestation, as even though we think of this as a solitary process we do not in fact complete anything without the help and guidance of others.

    The Queen of Cups rules our emotional connection to our goals and the ability to heal past emotions and transform ourselves and our situation.

    When out of balance, we can become stuck in the mud of our feelings and wounds or fear what will happen if we are open and receptive to the process of change. To help keep ourselves grounded, we need the Queen of Pentacles.

    Queen of Pentacles- Our Power to Root the Vision in Reality

    The Queen of Pentacles represents framework, roots, security, tradition.

    Hers is the final stage, the physical markers of our transformation and even that which we are manifesting in its realized form.

    She brings us stability, patience and practicality.

    While we easily see the importance of her energy, we must not forget that it was the combination of each of these Queens, the harmonized and balanced operation of each of these channels, which ultimately brings us to the point of manifestation.

    Each Queen represents a different aspect of ourselves, and also a distinct elemental energy needed to complete the manifestation process.

    We must begin with a vision (air/Wands) which then gains momentum through our steady, courageous and focused action (fire/Swords). For the manifestation to be complete we need to heal through obstacles and connect to our goal on an emotional level (water/Cups) so that it will come into formation (earth/Pentacles).

    Practice connecting with the elemental energy of each Queen as part of your manifestation process either through meditation, ritual or daily actions, or through any number of other metaphysical and mundane processes.

    By drawing on each of these channels, we create an empowering circuit of creative energy.



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    About the Author:

    Angela Kaufman is an Intuitive Empowerment Coach, and author of the upcoming book, Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down- Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen (2018, Conari Press). She specializes in blending the mystical and mundane to help women at the crossroads connect with their core sources of power to overcome obstacles. For more information visit her website.  Follow Angela on Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram.

    Queen images: artwork by Shaheen Miro, from Angela’s upcoming book; featured image source



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