Tag: Nandi Hetenyi

    Puma Medicine

    There is a wild puma inside each and every one of us.

    The Goddess Is Not A Commodity

    It's like getting sober. Suddenly, the fog lifts and you see what was there. ...

    The Death in Rebirth – a Paradox

    This is the miracle of life. We don't always get to know why, but ...

    Moon Medicine

    We must persist in remembering that the mysteries are also a part of who ...

    Vows of Love to Love Itself

    I vow to no longer silence myself. To seek safety in the refuge of ...

    Reclaiming the Dark Mother

    Her wrathfulness isn't anger, it is fierce love, gentleness and compassion.

    You Are Worthy of Your Divinity

    You forget you are wounded. You also forget you are divine.

    “Let Me Guide You” – Your Shadow Calling

    I am your yearning to return to power, source, soul, wholeness.