The 10 Best Crystals to Use for Protection

    by Aimee Laurence

    Crystals can be very powerful for many different uses, whether you want to attract love to yourself, promote friendship, peace of mind, health, or riches.

    Crystals can also be used for different types of protection like physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological or psychic – some of them can be used for more than one benefit.

    Here are the top 10 crystals you should use for protection.

    1. Smoky Quartz

    Smoky quartz, commonly associated with base and earth chakras, is used to protect the earth under our feet.

    It provides protection for negative vibrations and is also useful for absorbing smog of electromagnetic variety.

    It’s often very slightly radioactive so protects our bodies against any illnesses related to radiation as well as the side effects of chemotherapy.

    If you want a handy guide to self-care using this crystal and others on this list, read this fascinating article.

    2. Black Tourmaline

    Black tourmaline, also known as schorl, is one of the crystals that’s more powerful for protection on this list.

    It will protect you against the electromagnetic smog you get from using cellphones or similar devices and can also protect you against negative energies like hexes, ill will, and psychic attacks.

    Check out this interesting spell involving black tourmaline to help with an ex.

    3. Amber

    Amber is actually resin that is fossilized as opposed to a mineral formed by earth.

    It can also contain pieces of vegetation or insects from millions of years prior.

    They are excellent for protecting the body against any influences that are negative in vibe and will also promote health and healing.

    4. Jet

    Another type of fossil, jet is actually fossilized wood. It’s black and looks like coal, and once polished can be worn as beads in jewellery.

    It can be even more effective if it’s set in silver.

    It will protect you against violence and illness, in addition to any dark entities.

    If you’re a business owner, use jet to protect your business against any financial upheaval.

    5. Fluorite

    Fluorite can be many different colors, including green, purple, blue, yellow, brown, or clear.

    It will protect your psychic abilities and will help you determine if there are any outside influences that are trying to manipulate you psychically or mentally.

    It’s also good protection for electromagnetism if you tend to be at your computer for long periods of time.

    Green fluorite is more effective at protecting your from negative energies.

    6. Fire Agate

    Fire agate has some intense connections with earth and will protect you against ill wishes and hexes.

    When you carry a fire agate on your person, it will form a protective force field that will bounce negative energy back to its sender so the source can see its harm reflected back at them.

    7. Amethyst

    Amethyst, a purple semi-precious gemstone, has been used for centuries for protection against drunkenness.

    It’s also very powerful at protective uses, especially against psychic attacks and other negative vibes.

    Its elevated spiritual vibration will also protect you against any nightmares that are recurring.

    Find out how amethyst can help you unlock your psychic abilities here.

    8. Angelite

    Angelite, a blue and white crystal, is said to connect you to the angelic realm.

    It will protect your body from harm but also your immediate environment.

    It’s even better to take it as an elixir; take a cleansed piece of it and put it in a bowl of spring water.

    Keep it in sunlight for 12 hours and then put it in a tightly stoppered bottle.

    9. Cat’s Eye

    Cat’s eye is a chrysoberyl which has the rutile mineral inside it.

    These rutile filaments line up within the crystal, making it look like a cat’s eye.

    It’s best used to protect your aura from negative energies, and will also help to increase your happiness, your confidence, and bring you luck.

    It’s best worn on the right side of your body to increase effectiveness.

    10. Carnelian

    Carnelian can be either red, pink, brown, or orange, and can often be spotted in river beds.

    In ancient times, it was placed on bodies to protect them on their journey to beyond.

    If you wear this, it will bring you protection against rage, resentment, and envy, whether your own or other energies around you.

    If you put one near your front door, it will prevent bad luck from entering.



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    About the Author:

    Aimee Laurence, a teacher at Academic Writing Service and Paper Fellows, loves to share her extensive knowledge about natural healing with herbs and crystals. She is very interested in auras and energies and researching different combinations of natural remedies. You can also find her tutoring at Ox Essays.


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