by Anna Griffith

    People fear the witch. Sure, we could blame it on fearing what we don’t understand, but I suspect it is something else. It is the secret magick of not giving a fuck.

    Historically, witches were women and men who did their own thing.

    They were the outcasts who did not fear being the outdweller, because they simply couldn’t care less what others thought of them.

    They scared their peers because witches do what so many cannot find the courage to do. They accepted themselves fully and quit giving a fuck.

    Scary shit.

    These days we live in a contradictory society.

    We celebrate those who embrace themselves and stand with confidence, yet condemn all that which is “other”.

    I live near Boulder Colorado, land of the hippies and all their bullshit.

    I say this because Boulder has become infamous for being a haven to those who claim to live all-naturally and accept all things, when in reality they are some of the most judgemental people you’ll meet.

    If you embrace your shadow, if you dance with darkness, if you eat bloody meat, you will be burned at the proverbial stake for failing to conform to whatever new age health and spirituality fad has arisen.

    The people of Boulder are a constant reminder of the fear society has surrounding all that makes a witch a witch.

    I say this because while they consistently push others to embrace themselves and all their emotions, the moment you say something macabre or voice a vexation you are condemned and shamed. Sound familiar?

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    People are afraid to truly embrace the shadow and in that they fear becoming truly whole. The Bad Witch says fuck that shit.

    I am me and no amount of running, hiding or denying is going to change it!

    That thought terrifies the nice basic people of society.

    Good. It should terrify them! They should be cowering in fear at the power that comes from embracing yourself fully.

    It is an arduous process where you are forced to break every chain that has been tied around you by family, friends and communities as they try valiantly to drown the witch inside you under all their bull shit.

    This is a cycle that has repeated itself year after year, decade after decade, century after century.

    It is a dismal truth that even when we break out of this cycle we are then rejected by those who cannot follow us. So fine. Fuck them.

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    You just broke the chains that bound you to their mindless conformity, but now they are seeking to create new chains of shame.

    This is the hardest part of being a witch.

    Once you find wholeness, once you embrace your shadow and cast off your shackles, they will try to fetter you with shame.

    When you deny this final desperate bid to keep you weak and complacent, you finally accept your personal sovereignty. With your new found authority, your birthright, you use your control to scream fuck you in the face of all those that would strip it from you.

    No longer do words of condemnation cut. No longer will you give others authority over you.

    You have given up all your fucks about how others feel about you and all that you are. The next step that takes you away from all that bull shit is when you submit.

    Submit? You just gained your sovereignty, why would you turn around and submit?

    Because not giving a fuck about society and the perception of others is only one half of the power behind not giving a fuck.

    To stop giving a fuck about the petty small things is one matter, but now consider giving up all your fucks.

    I’m not saying you need to give up your individuality or anything that matters to you.

    No, I’m saying that when you let go of the outcome of every situation and submit to the will of the Universe and your higher power/s, everything turns out better than your limited monkey brain can imagine.

    How does one do this?

    Say you want a house of your own. So you cast a spell and tell the Universe you want house, one you can make a home, one that will serve your needs for at least a decade. Now let it go.

    Let the Universe guide you to the perfect house. It may not be in the town you wanted to live in, it may not be as big as you originally wanted, but it will perfectly fit your needs. Just have a little faith and say,

    Fuck it, I just want a house that will meet my needs for the next decade. Do what you have to do to bring me what is in my best interest.

    In that moment of surrender, you just opened your magickal self up to possibilities that you never considered, to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams!

    Your surrender means you just let the Universe do the work for you.

    You didn’t try to control or force, you allowed.

    The people who can’t let go will be confused and afraid of the power you now wield. Fuck ‘em.

    You don’t need their judgemental beliefs fucking with you magickal badassery you sovereign beauty!


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    About the Author:

    GodParentsBioAnna Griffith is a wife, lover, witch and Valkyrie. She’s a professional psychic, medium, licensed massage therapist and Tera Mai Reiki Master. When she’s not conversing with the Gods, fey and dead she is at home with her beloved husband, dog and cat. A devotee of the Norse Gods, she has committed herself to sharing messages from the spirit realm with the hope that it will help others heal their relationships with the dark and wild things that hide behind the veil.

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