The Waxing Moon Energy and Ostara

    by Tara Pilaprat

    The Waxing Moon and Ostara is a time of movement and growth and increases in illumination.

    Maiden Moon in the sky, is growing larger, fuller and it is also the time to focus your energy on bringing your intention to a fullness too – so too for during Ostara.

    Taking action towards your intentions and goals adds and maximizes what is called “minor action” that allows “massive action” to do its thing, and manifest your desires.

    Now, we are working with building upon the desires asked for under the New Moon/Imbolc, and inviting via action, that newness into your life.

    As the moon grows in size, it does in Goddess energy and power as well. She is the Maiden now, full of energy that puts the pressure on to make your plans a reality.

    The initial germination of seeds of intention are striving to break through the darkness and towards the light. You being the light. The seed now presents a root and the structure of a plant growing in the seedling stage.

    Doorways are being opened, and now is an excellent time for decision making.

    During this time you need to remain balanced and well-organized and forceful in your activity. Guard your thoughts and focus only on the good you want to bring into your life, and the good you already have around you – as you are attracting these “thought” things to you, as thoughts are “things.”

    These are metaphysical tools to catalyze the flow of experience and assist rather than undermine destiny.

    Most people only understand the physical side of life, that getting anywhere requires planning and physical activity.

    Of course, doing is central to getting anything done, but direct action is only part of the equation. To summarize the rest: intend wisely, request earnestly, and go with the flow gracefully.

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    First Quarter Energy:

    Growth. Formation of structure. Learning. Advancement. Initiation, taking the initiative. Cultivating.

    Building mode. Decision making. Re-evaluation. Renovation. Instinct. Intuition. Courage. Determination.

    Focus. Concentration. Make plans. Networking. Connecting with people. Attracting. Communicating. Positive transformation.

    Now is the moon phase where stuff gets done. Anything you need or are lacking in, and you can attract it right to you during the waxing moon. Friends. Luck. Initial germination of seeds; the shoots striving to break their seed case and grow through the dark earth.

    During this time you’re walking the knife edge of half light, and half dark; it’s a good time for decisions. Be sure to find balance.

    A doorway to Other places. Continue regeneration and renewal. During this time, remember to keep soldiering forward, despite any fears, emotions or doubts that might get in your way.

    Turn around any emotional energy into a creative passion so that you can get things done and finish goals.

    First Quarter Rituals:

    In many magical traditions, people use this time of the moon to perform “positive” magic for increases (in other words, the magic that draws things to you or increases things), that mirror the increasing size of the moon.

    Some examples would include: A money spell. A working to get a new job or home. Bring love into one’s life.

    Any magic related to increasing material items. Healings, prosperity, attraction, success, gains, love, increases, friendship, protection and any other positive magics.

    For constructive magic such as attraction magic, inner love spells, protection for couples and healing energy for couples, wealth, success, courage, luck or health. You can continue to do waxing, drawing, increasing, or growth spells.

    As we greet, witness and celebrate, we remember that Spring is not only a season; it is a state of mind.

    Blessed Be this Spring, and go forth and flower!



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    About the Author:

    Tara Pilaprat, is artist, creator and teacher at fxywlf along with her husband Michael Pilaprat. She currently is writing for her Magical Magazine, Issue #3 OSTARA, is available now! She is also creating a course involving the 7 magical and planetary days of the week; called SLAY. Tara is able to channel esoteric concepts and understandings, so that they can be applied, experienced, and then taught to others (no longer just theory). Her focus is teaching ancient wisdoms as modern truths and daily practices. You can follow her on InstagramFacebook and learn more about her on the website,


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