TRANS {beyond} FORMATION {form}

    by Solara Sophia Rose

    The divine is: an unstoppable force of nature

    Organic. Soft. Flowing. Cascading. Primitive. Wild.


    Transformation is: fluid

    Earth. Air. Water. Aether. Fire.


    The movement of consciousness is in the:

    Ocean. Thunder. Lightning. Mountains. Trees. And stars.


    Our potential― actualized: when we surrender control and enter

    the flow of our Life

    Forming a pact with whatever arises inside

    Honoring the rhythms and cycles of our tides

    Still. Passionate. Calm. Fierce. Empty. Full. Alive.


    It can feel scary to trust the fullness of who and what we are,

    but we don’t emerge in the light until we make Love to the dark

    Un-form. Transfigure.

    And become strong enough to hold them BOTH

    Fear shaken from our bones until Love is:

    remembered and KNOWN


    Because we are not half /or part/ we are W H O L E


    We don’t live out our destiny until we sacrifice the fight: against

    ourselves. Our nature.

    Celestial. Timeless.

    Open. Liquid. Expressive.

    Empowered. Boundless. Primal.


    And when that kind of un-conditional embrace transpires,

    something miraculous unfolds…

    Our Energy: r e f i n e s

    About the Author:

    Solara Sophia Rose serves luminary leaders who are dedicated to the progressive expansion of human consciousness. She awoke to her Power while overcoming a depth of trauma that ignited her journey into compassion and Oneness. She is highly regarded for her oracular vision, devotion to service, and ability to catalyze quantum transformations. You can check out all the cool stuff she’s doing on her website.

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