by Sarah Lowe


    Sometimes it’s all so deliciously synchronistic.

    We know what we want. And we can make it happen.

    The pieces fall into place with grace.

    Our desires roll and tumble from our lips. Our Hips.

    We are lusciously fulfilled, embodied, and satisfied.

    Sometimes magic comes easy.

    And other times it’s uphill, unrelenting, bewildering.

    No matter how hard we try, the message remains the same – No.

    No, this is isn’t yours.

    No, this isn’t for you.

    Sometimes magic comes hard.

    So, why doesn’t our manifestation magic always work?

    Why does our ability to manifest our desires, our truest selves, our most glorious reality….sometimes just fall short?

    1…You Are Working Alone.

    I don’t care if you are the most powerful, potent, magical force of nature. You can be the Tom Cruise of the Pagan Pantheon.

    Your power is just that – yours and yours alone. It’ll never be as big and juicy as the magic of co-creation.

    Co-creation is pure, primal magic.

    But you don’t need another person to co-create.

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    Call in your guides. Call in your sisterhood. Call in your ancestors. Call in your allies. Call in the elements.

    Manifest not only your own desires, but the desires of all that you love, all that you work with.

    Do the work, not just your work.

    And the winds of magic will be at your back, and at your beck and call.

    2…Manifestation is FLOW.

    This is why manifestation gains momentum. Once we are within that sacred, creative flow it is easy to find the rhythm and move with the currents.

    But how do we find those currents? How we do we step into the flow?

    We start by moving with the rhythms, always present, already singing their siren song.

    These natural cycles exist around and within us, guiding our breath and our blood. And we can work with these cycles, rather than against them.

    We can mirror these stages and phases with our magic, using them to amplify and enable our desires to unfold.

    The moon pulling at our wombs, the stars and planets, the seasons and wheel of the year.

    Waning. Waxing. Creating. Recycling. Contraction. Expansion.

    Sew the seeds of sacred creation under the Dark Moon.

    Rest and renew in the cold of winter, finding and fostering your internal flame.

    Find yourself within the rhythms.

    Let the cycle be your medicine. Your guide. Your dance partner in flow, connecting you to the primordial power of creation.

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    3…This isn’t what you really want.


    We dream small.

    We undervalue ourselves.

    We are daunted by stepping into our power and claiming our birthright.

    We are frightened of the changes that our desires realized will bring about.

    We want to feed one part of ourselves, and starve another out.

    The Universe whispers: Sweet one…this is what you want?

    This is the most wonder-filled, awe-inspiring, ecstatic vision you can imagine?

    This is all of your heart’s longings manifested into reality?

    She sighs with exasperation…

    “Try again. You can do better”

    About the Author:

    Sarah is a traditional animist witch, folk herbalist, tarot reader and teacher. Inspired by outdoor temples of the Pacific Northwest, the cycles and mysteries of the moon, and the magical elements. Her work is made up of folklore, fairytales, forest, and all that is feral. She teaches currently at Feral Heart Mystery School.

    Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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