Wake The WITCH: Shift Your Paradigm.

    by Natalie Lewis

    There’s a huge awakening going on right now and chances are you’re one of the souls that’s going to help shift the reality we currently live in.

    You’ll have permission to be your wildest self and manifest the life of your dreams with your unique craft and if that’s your story then you’re in for a treat because I’m here to discuss how to elevate the society we live in by being bad witches.

    Long ago in the land of male chauvinism lived the illusion of the selfless female who would provide comfort to the hardworking men in their lives and put everything before their own pleasure, poor women who had to dumb themselves down in order to survive in such ignorant times.

    May you rest in peace ignorance and male chauvinism, that is after all the ways we’ll find to end you.

    Let me begin by telling you that such a life is no longer available to us, the lifestyle we have now of increasing social media in which souls get to put themselves out there and make money for their true gifts, build companies and help aid others.

    There is literally no space for mindless devotion to others because everyone is busting their ass to be seen and take care of themselves.

    The divine feminine is rising within all of us, grasping for air and eager to be heard.

    The nurturing, life giving parts of us join the raging, fierce wild ones as we become awakened beings (this applies to men too).

    I guess as a side effect of waking up nothing makes sense to us anymore, which has ups and downs.

    You get to realize:

    • The school system isn’t the best for young souls to shine bright and find themselves.
    • The limits and expectations we have for certain ages in society are absurd considering the fact that we’re all different.
    • Elders are pushed aside, left to rot in homes instead of us nurturing them and learning their ways.
    • Women are still not set aside for their divine light and there is only a 5% appreciation of what could be a race guided by pure intuition into evolvement.

    …and that’s just a few examples off the top of my head.

    By letting out that relentless witch power you’ve always had inside, you can change this.

    After reading the book Witch by Lisa Lister I learned that we shouldn’t be led by any guidelines to know if we’re witches or not because the mere fact of being a woman makes you a witch.

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    There may be those who simply disagree with you because it hasn’t been like that for them in whatever they follow but it’s part of becoming that witch to know when to listen to others opinions and when to ignore them.

    (Advice: usually ignore the ones who label you as less than you are.)

    If you’re a believer of past lives, you were probably there burning at the stake or persecuted at some point and even before then women were tortured and killed for being rebellious and dancing in the outskirts of life.

    It is our very nature to be wild, poetic and fearless, this is the reason they’re scared of us.

    You are a witch. Accept your nature!

    Accept life as is or change it at your will:

    I believe we all experience a rites of passage in this lifetime so that we can be brought down to our knees and find the humbleness inside of ourselves.

    Next to that humble being is an immense amount of power.

    Some sort of suffering in life is what will wake up those glimpses of power and help you find your way into the manifestation of a different reality.

    A man would always say to me that God creates bad moments in life so that you can crawl to him and beg him to intervene in your life.

    Yes, that man is one of those that believe the God figure is punishing and cruel in some areas, so don’t take his message word by word.

    It’s a cute lesson if you turn it around; some suffering in your life will lead to your divinity.

    It also has to do with the way you handle things.

    I have people around me with really painful rites of passage that started affecting their lives as children who are totally okay now.

    They’ve developed their mindset and emotional tools so much that they overcame their pains.

    As I have others who have been dealing with it for years and years without lifting a finger to end their misery.

    What matters is your attitude towards your growth and how you want to face the difficult things in life.

    Because while going through these you’ll also be tapping into your potential and it’s important to realize the great power we’re developing.

    There will also be several rites spread out through your lifetime.

    As I initiated myself unto the path of the Witch I spent about two weeks in bed clearing my lineage.

    I guess it was a deal my subconscious made because no one in their right mind would voluntarily go through such pain in that little amount of time.

    At the moment it was happening I was only scared, everyone I knew was a 6 our flight away along with my health insurance.

    But honestly, as crazy as it might seem, I felt that it was temporary, that it was just a cleansing of some sort.

    Low and behold when I finally go to a doctor I have impeccable health. There is nothing wrong with me I am even better than I was a year ago.

    Who would’ve thought so? Magic!

    When you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t be scared.

    You are a witch and you have the ability to face things boldly and without fear.

    You have a whole crew of spirit guides, familiars and crystals that love you, guide you and will protect you.

    Your power is infinite and whatever bumps you go through will only make that power stronger and your bonus price is getting to know yourself along the way.

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    A path to your Self

    If you’re into the evolution of your being, chances are you have a path towards enlightenment, you aim to achieve a higher state of being in which you are one with all and find pure bliss in life.

    Even if you don’t follow that, I believe we all have a path to self-improvement.

    The path to the self is what makes us reach that yummy state of being one with all.

    Any special practice or spell that you cultivate is bringing you home to you and as we’re starting out we’re looking online or reading books to know how we’re going to do this spell or seeking out to teachers and copying their practices.

    In your head you say “If they do this in the morning and have such a great life then I’ll do the same so I can get what they have”.

    Truth is you might not even want what they have and it’s not even meant for you.

    But you seem to be carried away by striving towards that level of mastery or knowledge.

    Somewhere along endless clutter and inspiration we have in social media is… your Self, your highest self, whatchamacallit.

    Begging to be heard, to be given a chance.

    All this power we achieve with the rites we’ve gone through in life is only a potential for change if there’s no action of hearing it out.

    Of creating your own perfect spells, doing your own magic morning ritual, add to that some dancing for self-expression or maybe screaming out the window.

    The more you let yourself be heard, the more your inspiration will come through and you’ll tap into that unique magic you have that enchants all in a room *(figuratively speaking if the room is the universe).

    Expand that beautiful aura by going inside yourself, getting to know you for all you are, even the bits you might find shameful and put it out there.

    I don’t think I have to write much about this because you’re already a witch, that gives you an amazing self-expression already.

    But if you’re a closet witch, be a freaking stadium witch.

    If you write and whisper spells, shout them from the top of your lungs.

    Tell the universe who you are, it already knows but it’s sexier when you show your lover how you own that confidence.

    Work it, witch.

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    Shifting the Paradigm

    Discovering ourselves has it’s cosmic ups and downs and it’s never ending (yay!).

    While it’s fun to stay manifesting good things all the time, chances are if you’re called to lift your consciousness it’s because you came to planet Earth with a mission.

    Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty in order to have a better life and in this case, when you’re all set with your gifts or at least know a bit about yourself, you have to go out and wake up the world.

    I always relate this life to the Matrix, freaking love the movie. We’re all Keanu Reeves waking up to reality and faking it til we make it as saviors in some areas of our life.

    We witches, spiritual leaders, healers, and the silent watchers of society have to stop criticizing it from afar.

    There’s many things that don’t make sense and a million humans to wake up and we’re the ones who have to do it.

    Here’s a few signs you’re meant for this path. But apart from these I truly believe if we’ve awakened already we’re all destined to change this society for the better in some way.

    It is our ultimate responsibility after tapping into our power.

    It’s okay to meddle and explore in all that we do, it’s better this way so we can really know where our talents lie.

    But once you get to at least one talent that may help heal, you should get your hands on in helping this race evolve.

    Get our hands in the dirt and rip the issues from the root. Plant beautiful seeds in the souls of others and constantly water them.

    Become Keanu Reeves and finally bend the spoon.

    Grab your mystical tool kit and healing hands to scream out to the world and heal it.

    Go up to the beginning of the post and pick a problem, go back to the activist post I linked and pick the one that affects you the most or write down a list of things you think are wrong with this society.

    It’s going to take a lot of paper and time but go ahead and pick at least one small thing to change weekly.

    Do a spell or go out to the streets and do it.

    If you believe it’s all too draining then get help if you need to, create a coven to support you.

    Delegate ideas/ projects, take time to recharge and then work in conjunction to be more powerful.

    If you have absolutely no idea how to get there, let your intuition guide you, let your gut tell you what’s wrong.

    Drop down into your heart and your womb and ask what is the global itch that you can help soothe or heal.

    You have a huge responsibility that you take on the moment you achieve a sense of awareness and that is to change this world for the better.

    Own your story, remember your magic, remember you’re magic and create your universe.



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    About the Author:

    Natalie Lewis is a sensitive poetess and bad witch who seeks to change the world through shadow work and sex magic. Her Capricorn sun and 9 life path number make her an overachiever and strong willed teacher that strives towards her global goal. A woman of intellect who is head deep into mystical books and is often awakening her power through spending time with mother earth. You can connect with her through her Instagram.


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