by Quinn K Dyer

    Know it:

    Garlic has many magical uses. Throughout history garlic has been used to keep away evil spirits and offer protection.

    Wreaths and braids of garlic ward off bad vibes and bring luck when hung in doorways. It can be used to bless blades or added to a protection spell to supercharge it.

    Garlic is often used for invoking healing, courage, and strength.

    Garlic has immune boosting properties, so there’s literally no way this can’t help you feel stronger.

    Raw or cooked, garlic helps fight infection, aids digestion, and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Lots of bad gut bacteria can’t stand it!

    I find garlic to be simple, practical pantry magic.

    It’s always around when I need it, but garlic can also cause some pretty potent B.O. and bad breath.

    Not everyone loves it like I do. It’s important to feel connected to the tools you use to cast.

    If garlic isn’t for you, then there’s tons of other plants to try in its place.

    Plants can help you harness your inner power, but even the greenest witches aren’t in tune with every single one. Use your intuition.

    Grow it:

    It’s easy enough and pretty inexpensive to buy garlic at the grocery store, but there’s something extra special about growing your own.

    Every watering, every pulled weed is a chance to infuse your plants with good energy.

    And having your own energy infused into the growing process makes plants very potent when you use them.

    Garlic is easy to grow from kitchen scraps. Often my garlic will start to sprout if left alone long enough in the kitchen.

    Just split spare garlic cloves up and stick them in the dirt! You’ll want the wide end pointed downwards and any green sprouts pointed up! The plant will reseed itself if left to flower.

    Unfortunately, most grocery stores only carry the same couple varieties. You might not live in an area that these varieties do well in.

    Look into one of the hundred of varieties to find one that grows best in your climate. Seed swaps and local farm stores are a great place to look!

    Garlic will grow in full or partial sun. It likes to be watered, but needs well-draining soil or it will rot. Mulching is beneficial.

    You can plant it whenever, but it likes a cold period to grow. Plant in late fall for a midsummer harvest. The stalks will wilt and go yellow when it is time.

    Garlic also makes a great companion plant; its protective energies are at work even in the garden!

    Its smell helps deter bugs from other garden plants like tomatoes or spinach.

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    Use it:

    Garlic has strong associations with the zodiac sign Aries.

    And aligning your protection spells with an Aries moon is a great idea; as Aries is a sign that is particularly good for casting protection spells.

    A few cloves of chopped garlic can be added into a mix for protection circles; try with sea salt and other protection herbs like basil before casting.

    Garlic is one of my favorite foods. It’s used in many recipes from potatoes to pickles. I love cooking with it, but I would eat it by itself!

    Add it to a healing soup stock with rosemary and thyme. Or use it in a pesto to promote good vibes between two people or even as a love spell.

    Try some potent kitchen magic yourself with this protection spell for Roasted Garlic:

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut the top off a head of garlic, so all the cloves are exposed. Place in ceramic roasting pan or on tin foil on a cooking sheet.

    Drizzle liberally with olive oil. (For a spell with an extra kick try a herbal infusion in your oil.)

    Place the lid on your roasting pan or wrap the head in tinfoil. Cook for 30-40 minutes or until the garlic is tender.

    Serve with bread and olive oil.



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    About the Author:

    Quinn K. Dyer is a native of Philadelphia, born under Gemini, a witch and a wanderer. She currently spends her time writing and creating art. Check out her website and Instagram


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